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Travel medical insurance for Europe is recommended for travelers (both US citizens and non US citizens) visiting Europe for vacation, business, student, and other purposes and may even be required for some international travelers. Many people traveling to Europe visit multiple European countries in the same trip. Depending on the travelers Schengen visa, which grants travelers free movement within the Schengen Area of Europe, requires proof of travel insurance with their visa application. Europe travel insurance has now become a visa qualifying requirement for many European countries. Countries like Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands etc may not issue a visa unless you have sufficient travel medical insurance meeting specific insurance coverage criteria.Travel insurance for Europe provides coverage for medical and travel emergencies while you are traveling Europe. Once you buy the travel insurance for Europe, you get a proof of insurance and a visa letter, that can be submitted to the consulates in order to get the Schengen visa.

VisitorsCoverage offers a variety of visitors insurance plans, underwritten by top rated carriers like AIG, Llyods, Nationwide etc., that meet the Europe visa travel insurance requirements. You can purchase a policy online, on the same day as your embassy or consulate appointment, and VisitorsCoverage will provide a visa letter that you can include in your Europe visa application as proof of travel insurance.

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