Foreign students studying in USA on F1 visa, enrolled in graduate or undergraduate program can take up a practical training job known as OPT (Optional Practical training). OPT students can work without H1B visa for up to 12-29 months, depending on their field of study. Students on M-1 visa may also take up OPT for maximum period of six months. They are allowed for one month training with four months of study.

During this period of OPT, a student may not be eligible for regular student health insurance. Such a student may purchase short-term insurance from private insurance companies, who can provide health coverage for this period until students remain on OPT or even gets work permit like H1 Visa.

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Underwriters : Lloyd's

Plan pays 90% of first $10,000 and 100% after that

Included Benefits:

  • Illness and Injury Medical Expense / Per Incident
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Expense
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Repatriation of Remains Expenses
  • Family Travel Benefit
  • Incidental Travel (to Canada, Mexico, U.S. Territories, maximum 14 days)

Optional Benefits:

Average monthly cost for age 19-29 year


with $250 one time deductible

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* Note: Premium cost may vary depending on Age, Selected Policy maximum, deductible and other optional coverage

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