Finding the right health insurance for green card holders and their parents can be tricky, since the choices would vary, depending on their unique situation.
A new immigrant to the US or green card holder may have be in any of the following situation.

  • The green card holder frequently shuttle between home country and the united states.
  • The green card holder, now permanently live in America.
  • New Immigrant Just got the green card and arrived America

1. Green card holders who frequently shuttle between their home country and the USA:

A number of parents, who already have the green card, but do not stay in the USA permanently. They may be visiting the USA every six months or one year. In that case, you would need to buy either an immigrant plan or a visitor's plan that satisfies the eligibility criteria for green card holders shuttling between the home country and the USA.
Some of the choices for them include Liaison Majestic, and Inbound Immigrant.
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2. Green card holders, who now live in the USA permanently:

If you already are a green card holder and have been living in the USA for a long time or spend most of your time in the USA, following may be applicable for you.
Below 65 years of Age: If you are below 65 years of age, have green card and live in the USA permanently, you can consider domestic insurances like Blue Cross, Blue shield etc.

Above 65 years of Age: If you are a green card holder, above 65years of age , you may be eligible for federal MediCare, or state sponsored MediCaid or MediCal or any other US state federal supported health program. Note: MediCare is a federal health program and has certain eligibility requirements. Follow this article to see which green card holders qualify for Medicare.

Under the ObamaCare or Affordable Care Act (ACA), beginning year 2014, you may be required to obtain a qualified health insurance policy. Check with your federal health-care market place ( or contact your resident state's health market place. Learn more about Obama Care for green card holders.

3. New immigrant / very recently got the green card:

If you have recently got the green card, and will be in coming to the USA soon, you can consider a short-term heatlh insurance for immigrants plan that provides temporary coverage while you travel and settle down in the US. Some of the choices include: Inbound Immigrant, Liaison Majestic, Patriot America etc. To get quotes for temporary short term insurance visit immigrants insurance.

4. In the process of getting green card:

If you are in the USA on a visitor's visa and your children or family has applied for a family sponsored green card, you are considered a visitor until your green card gets processed.
During this time, you would be eligible for any visitors health insurance plan like Liaison International, Atlas America or Inbound USA. Once you get your Green Card approval, you should shift to a plan that offers coverage for green card holders.
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Medicare or Government Sponsored Health Benefits Programs:

If you are over 65 years of age, have been a green card holder for more than 5 years and are continuously living in the USA, you may apply for Medicare.

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