Filing a claim is a mandatory process for Visitors Insurance. Sending the claimant form along with necessary supporting documents, in a timely manner would speed up the process. After verification and approval, the insurance company would reimburse the claimant.

Claim handling, filing process, and contact numbers can also be found on the insurance policy documents.

Read below for the procedure on how to file your claim.

The following illustrations & steps explain the travel insurance claim process:

Download Claim Form:

Download the appropriate claim form, from our website and complete it.

Documents Checklist

  • Completed claim form.
  • Clear and legible copy of complete passport. (all pages including visa page, picture page, entry and exit stamps)
  • Copy of I-94 (If visiting the USA)
  • Copies of all receipts.
  • Copies of bills, and itemized services.
  • Cover letter (Brief letter providing special instructions, if any.)


The claims department will verify the information provided and make the payment for all eligible claims to appropriate parties.

Filing Claims and Payments

You'll need to send:
1) A completed claim form
2) Copies of the medical bills, and
3) A Copy of the complete passport (all pages including visa page, picture page, entry and exit stamps).

Keep a copy of all the communications for your records. You have to file the claim within a specified period/date which is generally within 90 days from the day of service obtained. Follow up on the status of your claim regularly with the insurance company.

Claim Evaluation

The time taken for evaluating a claim is subjective to each case. It may take a few weeks to several months depending on several factors. By proactively providing the required documents, and following up with the insurance company, you can minimize administrative delays and help speed up the process.

Payment / Reimbursement

Depending on various factors including specific insurance company rules, the insurance company may make the payment directly to the hospital, Doctor or the medical facility or may reimburse the payment to the insured or claimant for all approved and qualified claims as per the insurance plan.

Commonly Asked Questions about The Claims Process

1) When I went to the doctor, I paid up-front, how do I submit a reimbursement claim?

Follow the above mentioned steps, and if the insurance company determines that it is a valid claim, you would be reimbursed.

2) I paid for my father's bill. Can I get the payment issued in my name?

Yes. When filling out the claim form, put your name and information in the claimant information section. If there is no separate space for claimant information, you can include a cover letter with your information.

3) The hospital charged the insurance company directly. Do I still need to send a claim form?

Yes. This would make the claims process faster.

Why do you need to file a claim?

Claim Resources

Seven Corners Plans (Inbound USA, Inbound Immigrant, Inbound USA, Liaison Continent, Liaison International,Liaison Worldwide,Liaison Majestic)

Claim Form Seven Corners Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
303 Congressional Boulevard
Carmel, IN 46032
or Fax: 317-575-2256
Check Claim Status: Online | Phone: 800-335-0477 or 317-575-2656 | Email:

HCC Medical Insurance Plans (Atlas America, Atlas International, VisitorSecure)

Claim Form HCC Medical Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
HCC Medical Insurance Plans
P.O. Box 2005
or Fax: 317-262-2140
Online: File a Claim
Farmington Hills, MI 48333-2005
Check Claim Status: Online | Phone: 800-605-2282 | Email:

IMG Global Insurance Plans (Visitors Care, Patriot America, Patriot International, Patriot Exchange, Patriot Group Exchange Insurance)

Claim Form IMG Global Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
Claims Department
International Medical Group
P.O. Box 88500
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208-0500
or Fax: 317-655-4505
Check Claim Status: Phone: 800-628-4664 or 317-655-4500 | Email:

TIS Plans (Visit USA, WorldMed,Study USA)

Claim Form TIS Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
HCC Medical Insurance Services
Box No. 2005
Farmington Hills, MI 48333-2005
or Fax: 317-262-2140
Check Claim Status: Phone: 1-800-605-2282 or 317-262-2132 | Email:

Global Underwriters Plans (Diplomat America,Diplomat LongTerm etc)

Claim Form Global Underwriters Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
Member of the Global Group of Companies
3195 Linwood Rd, Suite 201
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
or Fax: 513-533-9416
Check Claim Status:Phone: 800-513-2981 | Email:

HTH Worldwide Insurance Plans (Global Preferred Student Health)

Claim Form HTH Worldwide Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
International Claim Department
One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100
Radnor, PA 19087
or Fax: 610-293-3529
Check Claim Status: Phone: 800-551-0824 or 302-661-4176 | Email:

PIU Plans (International Major Medical, Bridge Plan)

Claim Form PIU Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
International Risk Management Group
P.O. Box 2104
Doylestown, PA 18901
or Fax: 215-794-1498
Check Claim Status: Phone: 215-794-1488 | Email:

Trawick International Plans (Safe Travels USA Plan, Safe Travels International Plan)

Claim Form Trawick Insurance Claim Form

Send Claims To:
GBG Administrative Services, Inc.
1956-J University Blvd. S. #264
Mobile, Alabama 36609
Check Claim Status: Phone: 1-866-215-1734 or 1-251-586-0829 | Email:

If you have any more questions, call to our customer support Toll Free at 866-384-9104