CoverAmerica-Gold vs. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive

CoverAmerica-Gold and Safe Travels USA are two highly-rated plans for visitors to the United States. They are both top-selling, comprehensive travel medical insurance plans.

While they offer some of the same benefits, these two plans, there are some key areas of difference. Take a look at this comparison of features, which may help you decide which plan will be best for you.

Safe Travels
Safe Travels USA
Underwriter Rating A B
Coverage Area USA, Canada, Mexico and South America. If your destination is the U.S., this is the best plan. Covers international travel
Urgent Care Visit $15 $30
PPO Network United Health ( UHC) Most extensive network. First Health
COVID-19 Coverage Covers COVID-19 like any other new illness. This plan also covers screening costs and includes an indemnity allowance. Not covered
Coverage duration Between 5 days and 12 months, can be extended for 2 years Between 5 days and 12 months, can be extended for 2 years
Cancellation Fees No cancellation fee $25 cancellation fee
Border Entry Protection Despite having a Visa, you may be denied entry to the U.S. In this event, the plan pays up to $550; this can help you with any related expenses. Does not cover
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $1,000 $5,000
Buy Buy

CoverAmerica-Gold is underwritten by Sirius International with the U.S.'s oldest and most well-reputed travel medical insurance policy administrator IMG (International Medical Group) as the administrator. Safe Travels USA is underwritten by GBG Insurance Limited with Trawick International as the administrator. Both plans come with the world-class service of VisitorsCoverage.

Like other insurance plans, these plans have some exclusions, eligibility requirements and other terms and conditions. We recommend that you review the plan documents carefully before purchasing a travel medical insurance plan.

Which Plan Should You Pick?

You should pick your travel medical insurance plan based on your needs and which plan features will be useful for you. If you need assistance, you can send your questions to our team at or call +1 (866) 384-9104 to speak to a licensed insurance expert.

You can also learn more about CoverAmerica-Gold or compare it to some of our other top-rated plans for the U.S. and international travel including Patriot America Plus and Atlas America.