Got Questions?

Q. What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where the affiliate (that's you!) drives traffic to a merchant's web site (that's us!) in exchange for referral commissions. When a visitor to your site clicks on the affiliate link to our site and completes a purchase, you get a commission on every item they buy!

Q. How do I get started?

  • Step 1: Submit an online application at
  • Step 2:  We manually review all applications within 3 business days. Once your application is approved, we will send you an email with instructions to complete any missing information and gain access to banners and text links that you can put on your web site.
  • Step 3:  Add banners and links to your site, drive traffic, collect your fees, and be one happy VisitorsCoverage affiliate.

Q. Do I need any special training to become an affiliate?

You don’t need any special training to become an affiliate. You also don’t have to be a licensed insurance agent to become an affiliate.

Affiliate Program Eligibility

Q. Who can participate?

Just about anybody, anywhere! Whether you run a large commercial travel insurance web site, a small personal blog, a non-profit site, or anything in between you're welcome to apply to join the program.

Q. I don't have a website or blog. Can I still apply to the Affiliate Program?

Although it’s highly beneficial to have a website or blog, you don’t need one in cases where you conduct a lot of your business face-to-face with your customers. We will review this during our approval process and let you know if you don’t qualify.

Q. In which countries can I earn referral fees?

The affiliate program is available in USA as well as any other part of the world. You can participate even if you are not a resident or citizen of the USA.

Q. Does it cost anything to participate?

Nothing! As long as you are an active affiliate, all you need to do is keep linking and collect your fees.

Q. I operate more than one website. Can I still join the Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can have multiple sites as an Affiliate. To streamline the process, we will provide a single affiliate account that includes all of your sites. You will be able to track the progress in one lump sum every month.

Sales and Commission

Q. How do I know how much money I've earned?

Once you are approved as an affiliate, you’ll have access to your account online. You can see reports on sales, fees, clicks and conversion rates through your affiliate account dashboard. You can login to the account and view your dashboard with real time data.

Q. How are sales tracked from my site?

Once your application is accepted, you will be given a unique affiliate ID as well as custom-formatted links that will ensure that traffic coming from your site is properly tracked.

Q. How do I know my affiliate id is working?

If you visit via your affiliate link, at the bottom of the site, we display the source from where the visitor arrived. It should display your website name. If you have multiple websites listed in your profile, we’ll usually display the first one in the list.

Q. How much will I earn? How and when do I get paid?

The exact referral fee is based on various factors including the volume of business you can bring in. This will be determined during the approval process and communicated to you before you become an affiliate.

Visitors Coverage pays Affiliates monthly and when the commission balance is $100 or more. Payment is usually made during the first week of each month for all sales that are older than 30 days.

Q. How do I set up my payment information?

You can receive your payments via Paypal or Check.

If you choose Paypal, your email address is the only thing somebody needs to send you money. As soon as the payment has been credited to your PayPal account, we will notify you by email. You may then withdraw the funds to your bank account straight away or keep the money in your PayPal account for future online transactions.

All your transactions are stored in your account history, so you can keep track of them.

If you do not have a PayPal account, we will mail you a check to your address on your profile.

For international transactions (Outside USA), we will work with you during the approval process on a case-by-case basis. We may deduct transaction fees that may apply to international transfers.

Q. Can I choose what currency I would like to be paid in?

The payment will always be made in dollars but your bank may convert it in your local applicable currency. For example, if you are in India, and your bank account doesn't accept dollars, we will send the money in dollars but your local back will convert it in rupees.

Q. How long will it take to be paid?

Insurance companies send us all cancelled policies data during the first week of each month. We process payments once we receive this data. So, you’ll typically receive payments in about 45 days.

Q. Can I change or negotiate the Terms and Conditions for the Affiliate Program?

No, we will not do custom agreements or Terms and Conditions for individual affiliates.

Q. How do I create links to VisitorsCoverage?

When you login to your affiliate account, you will see text links and banners that you can use on your website or blog.

Q. I'm signed up, now what?

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email. It will include all the instructions you will need to get started.

Q. Can I put affiliate links on my social profile?

Yes, you can place affiliate links on your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc). But you cannot use your social profile page to apply to the affiliate program. Currently, we require for the application that you have a website or blog URL. Or, as a developer you can provide a link to your app.

Q. I need to contact VisitorsCoverage regarding the affiliate program.

The best way to contact us if you have any questions or problems is to e-mail us at or click here

Q. Are my earnings reported to IRS?

If you are a US citizen, your earnings will be reported as required by IRS if it meets a certain limit. Please refer to IRS guidelines for further clarification.