I want to inquire about getting regular check-ups, including eye exams, etc. during my visit to the US for several months. Will visitors coverage insurance cover this? Thanks.

Visitors insurance covers for any new, unexpected sicknesses and injuries. Examples of such would include; a broken arm because of a fall, injuries due to a car accident, a visit to the emergency room for food poisoning, or a bad case of the flu. 

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However, visitors insurance does not cover for routine check-ups. This encompasses things like: physical examinations, eye exams, any type of vaccinations, and regular care like blood pressure checks. This is true for all visitors insurance providers and plans.

The reason for this is mostly because, if insurance companies paid for both emergencies and routine check-ups, insurance premiums would be very high. Rather, you should be sure to visit your doctor for a physical examination before you leave on your trip, and get any vaccinations you might need. This might include a flu vaccination, etc. Additionally, you should be sure to pack enough medication if you have any prescriptions that you need to take, as it would be quite costly to purchase prescriptions that you are already prescribed away from home.

For a complete explanation of why routine care is not covered with visitors insurance, please read: Why Physical Examinations Are Not Covered Under Visitors Insurance Plans

Please feel free to email us at support@visitorscoverage.com for any additional information. 

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