i am looking for safe travel visitor plan(stv).i have 1 question regarding dr visit ,in this you write the ppo dr.only.little confused when i checked there tool for ppo search i am not able to find it.i am living in montana (59270)nearby 50 miles area.or we can go to any dr.

With all travel medical insurance policies, you can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice and get coverage from the insurance company. However, the billing practices are always up to the provider (doctor/hospital) that you go to.
The provider can either ask you to pay up front (by saying they "don't accept" the insurance), or they can bill the insurance company directly (by saying they "do accept" the insurance), but it will always be up to the provider.

Whenever you go to a pharmacy, you always have to pay upfront and then go through the claim process in order to get proper reimbursement.
The insurance company will give you coverage no matter what provider you go to and no matter how the billing is practiced.
After going to a provider, regardless of the billing practices that you experienced, you have to go through a mandatory claim process.
The claim process is filling out the claim form and sending the supporting documents to the insurance company each time you want coverage from the insurance company.
You can view the claim forms and claim information here: http://www.visitorscoverage.com/insurance/claims-process/
I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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