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We’ll use Maria to show you how different hypothetical medical situations lead to differences in what’s covered and what you may have to pay, if it were to occur during your own travel.

While traveling abroad in the U.S. on vacationWhile traveling abroad in the U.S. on vacation...

Maria has a


While on a business trip in Los Angeles, Maria gets food poisoning. She requires a physician's consu...

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Maria has a


While vacationing in Hawaii, Maria trips and falls, resulting in a sprained ankle. Her injuries requ...

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Maria has a


While visiting New York City, Maria suffers head trauma as a result of a car accident. Her injuries ...

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* The numbers shown are based on data collected from various medical service providers in the United States, over a period of time.


This tool enables you to estimate and compare benefits paid by different visitor insurance policies based on hypothetical medical services. This is not an actual representation of your medical situation or cost incurred. By using the Benefits Estimator, you agree to use this tool only as a guide. Do not base your decision of purchasing an insurance policy solely on the results shown in this tool. Review the policy brochure for a detailed description of coverage, benefits, limitations, and exclusions. Only the terms and conditions stated in the policy are binding.

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