ChoiceAmerica: An Already Great Plan Made Even Better

VisitorsCoverage is constantly working to improve the travel insurance experience and provide quality insurance products for international travelers, so we’ve enhanced one of our own products to offer the best coverage for senior travelers to the US.

ChoiceAmerica, a popular limited coverage plan that was launched one year ago, has been improved to offer better benefits and higher coverage. The new plan not only provides coverage for the United States, Mexico and Canada, it also has several truly unique features for senior travelers, making it one of the best options for visitors insurance. With these new enhancements, ChoiceAmerica is the most preferred limited coverage plan option for for travelers visiting the US.

The new improved ChoiceAmerica plan provides two additional features, especially beneficial to senior travelers, making travel insurance decisions easier than ever for this age group.

Higher Policy Maximum

ChoiceAmerica offers some of the best coverage throughout the North American continent, and with an enhanced policy maximum option up to $150,000 for travelers age 70-79, this plan now has the highest policy maximum available for senior travelers. This ensures that travelers seeking a limited coverage plan can worry less with a higher policy maximum.

Adjusted Age Limit

ChoiceAmerica can now provide coverage for travelers up to 79 years of age. This adjustment fills a gap in limited coverage options and ensures that seniors travelers can explore the globe with confidence knowing they’re covered.

If you are traveling to the North American Continent and are looking for limited coverage option, ChoiceAmerica Insurance is the Plan for you. Visit the ChoiceAmerica Insurance plan page to learn more.

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