Fall Foliage and Colors

Every autumn in the United States and Canada, nature puts on one of its most spectacular shows. The deciduous trees in these countries prepare to shed their leaves for winter, but before they do, the leaves turn red, orange, yellow and gold. Although this effect can be observed throughout North America, the most spectacular displays are usually found in the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada.

There are lots of awesome ways to experience the changing leaves. From exciting festivals to relaxing scenic drives, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite places to see the autumn leaves this year:

  • Prince Edward Island: This island on the east coast of Canada is stunningly beautiful all year long. Fall offers a unique kind of beauty, however, with a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, PEI is a great place to get out and hike the trails or experience the tastes of the season in their annual Fall Flavors Festival.
  • Maine: Maine is particularly invested in its autumn leaf change. The state government tracks when each region of the state sees peak color, usually between the end of September and mid-October. They suggest visiting on or around Columbus Day in order to see the foliage at its best.
  • Massachusetts: One of the most scenic drives in the state is Route 2 (also known as the Mohawk Trail) that winds 37 miles through the northern Berkshire Mountains. The drive is breathtakingly beautiful and full of great places to get out of the car to hike, picnic or just soak up the natural splendor. 
  • Nova Scotia: If you’re looking for a more communal celebration of nature, be sure to check out the Celtic Colours International Festival on Cape Breton Island. Every year in October, this small island comes alive with concerts, dances, art exhibits, communal meals and more. 
  • Vermont: Vermont is not only a great place to get maple syrup, it’s also a wonderful place to see the trees change colors this autumn. With three-quarters of Vermont covered in forest interspersed with small towns, it’s no wonder it’s a great place to experience nature the old fashioned way. Consider seeing the countryside by train from Green Mountain Railroad.
  • Michigan: Although not on the East Coast, Michigan gets a spot on our list because of its many lakes surrounded by trees that change dramatically in the fall. Michigan is full of great places to appreciate the season whether you want to hike through the woods or curl up with a warm drink and appreciate the sights from a picture window.

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