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Helpful Travel Tips for a Safe, Fun Labor Day

Helpful Travel Tips for a Safe, Fun Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, and many Americans want a weekend getaway to celebrate with family and friends. Whether you decide to travel somewhere new or celebrate from home, there are a number of ways you can have fun while still staying safe.

Set Sail on a Cruise

A number of cruise lines are offering special Labor Day weekend cruises. If you’re able to snag a spot, you could find yourself sailing the smooth seas this September. 

Purchasing cruise insurance is a great way to safeguard your Labor Day Weekend cruise trip. Although many cruise lines have their own medical insurance, it may not actually cover medical costs in the event of an emergency. Likewise, due to limited resources, the doctors and medical staff onboard may only be able to treat general ailments, not major medical emergencies. Without cruise travel insurance, if you have an urgent medical emergency and/or require emergency medical evacuation, you’d have to pay the cost out of pocket. Without insurance, that can sometimes be as much as $100,000.

Finally, travel insurance for cruises comes with a variety of additional benefits. If you miss your departure port, for example, cruise insurance covers costs associated with helping you get to your next port so you can rejoin the ship.  

Rent a Unique Vacation Home

If you’re hoping for a change of scenery this Labor Day but don’t want to stay in a hotel, a vacation rental is a great alternative. Plus, as Covid is, unfortunately, still a factor, staying in an off-the-grid rental is a smart way to avoid crowds. 

If you book a rental home, be sure to purchase trip insurance. Trip insurance offers coverage for non-refundable prepaid trip costs if you have to end up canceling your trip. Plus, adding Cancel for Any Reason insurance (CFAR) to your trip policy, gives you more freedom. You can cancel your trip for any reason, and still recoup some of the prepaid expenses. 

Get Some Fuel and Hit the Road

If your Labor Day weekend plans involve an epic road trip, remember the best drivers are the most prepared ones. Consider purchasing rental car collision insurance to add onto your trip insurance policy. Nobody anticipates getting in a car accident, but unfortunately, it happens. Rental car insurance protects against expenses related to physical damage that occurs while you’re renting the vehicle. 

Trip insurance that covers car rentals also protects against costs related to vehicle theft. May also reimburse you for costs related to injuries sustained by other people. Since there’s always risk with driving, purchasing trip insurance with rental car coverage is a good move. 

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping 

If you happen to be out of the country for Labor Day weekend, and have a packed itinerary full of adrenaline-packed itineraries, purchasing adventure sports coverage is the way to go. There’s no better time to engage in fun water sports—like jet skiing, kayaking or whitewater rafting—while you’re on vacation. Maybe you always wanted to go skydiving or paragliding in Europe. These activities are generally excluded from traditional travel medical insurance. 

Adventure sports coverage can be purchased as an add-on, and provides coverage for the specific activities you want to partake in. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can receive medical attention in case anything happens. 

Travel Tips for a Safe Labor Day

No matter where you go or what you do, these safety tips for Labor Day travel will help you on your way. 

Four-day weekend? Leave Wednesday, if possible

Labor Day Weekend is one of the biggest travel times of the year. Of the vacationers opting for a long holiday weekend, most of them will take off Thursday and Friday. This means that both highway and air traffic will be at its most congested on Thursday. To avoid the crush of travelers, consider leaving for your trip on Wednesday, especially if you’re planning on driving.  

Keep it sanitary

While the world has moved on from the pandemic, Covid as well as other illness, such as the flu, are not uncommon. While this shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the nice long Labor Day weekend, you’ll want to be mindful of your exposure risks. For this reason, if you’re using public transportation, you might want to continue wearing your face mask and wiping down your seats with disinfectant wipes to stay safe. This shouldn’t be too hard if you’re renting a vacation home for the weekend or going on a family road trip. As always, if you feel like you’ve been exposed to a virus, separate yourself from your party until you can confirm that you have not contracted an illness.  

Traveling with kids? Keep them occupied

If your Labor Day travels involve a long plane ride or road trip, traveling with little kids can be as stressful as it is fun. To avoid dealing with crying toddlers or impatient tweens, be sure to pack stuffed animals, quiet toys and electronics to keep them occupied. Want more tips for traveling with kids? We got you.

Drink responsibly

During your long weekend, you’ll want to kick back and relax. And why not? That’s exactly what Labor Day is all about. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as celebrating too much, especially when it comes to alcohol. Whether it’s beers at a backyard BBQ or a round of shots at a pub, if you drink over the weekend, avoid drinking and driving. Not only will you put your loved ones at risk, but also, you’ll endanger the lives of your fellow revelers. So plan ahead, decide on a designated driver (and ride-share is always an option), and stick to a predetermined drink limit. Keep in mind, too, that any accidents that you caused while intoxicated will not be covered by travel insurance.  

Consider travel insurance for your Labor Day weekend

Whether you’re staying in the U.S. or traveling internationally, trip insurance can help protect you from certain financial losses related to delays, cancellations, missed connections, and loss, stolen, or damaged luggage. While trip protection insurance will also cover some medical expenses if you’re traveling abroad, if you think you might need more comprehensive medical coverage, travel medical insurance can help.

Need Travel Insurance this Labor Day? VisitorsCoverage Has You Covered

Whether you’re itching to use your passport for a long weekend abroad, or just looking forward to a backyard BBQ, there are many ways to make your Labor Day weekend. No matter how you choose to spend the holiday weekend, travel insurance will ensure that you’re fully covered. Whether you’re ready to buy trip insurance for your domestic trip or medical coverage for your international travels, VisitorsCoverage has the plans you need. Just have a question? Our award-winning Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance experts is always happy to help. 

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