Do You Need Travel Insurance to Enter the United States?

When it comes to visiting the U.S. from your home country, there are many things to keep in mind, with any potential risks you may encounter along the way being among them. While you have already obtained your visa, you may now be wondering if you need travel insurance to enter the U.S., as many of the Schengen countries require a minimum coverage before entering. The real answer is no, the U.S. does not require visitors to purchase travel insurance before entering the country at this point in time. However, it is in your best interest and is highly recommended that you are equipped with adequate travel insurance coverage when traveling outside of your home country to protect you from any unexpected mishaps, and any financial burden after the fact.

Medical Costs in the U.S. are Much Higher Than Other Countries

When traveling outside of your home country, it is usually the case that the insurance coverage that you have will not be applicable in a foreign land, not to mention the fact that the healthcare system in the country you are visiting will often be different from what you may be used to back home. When traveling to the U.S. specifically, it is important to keep in mind that while the healthcare system is very good, it is also very expensive in comparison to other countries. Should anything happen in which you have to visit a doctor or hospital during your trip, you will be left to pay all of the medical bills out of your own pocket if you do not purchase a travel medical insurance policy prior to embarking on your travels. Having a travel medical insurance policy will not only assist you in finding a trusted doctor or hospital in receiving necessary treatment, but it will also help prevent you from any financial burden that will be incurred after the fact.

Travel Insurance Can Save You from the Unexpected

Planning a trip abroad can be a wonderful experience, but the fact of the matter is that any unexpected mishaps can arise during your travels that could spoil your trip completely. Anything from a missed flight or connection, baggage loss, unforeseen weather issues or even injuries and illnesses could easily interrupt your travel plans and even result in a large financial loss as a result. While you can’t control the unexpected, you can however take the necessary precautions to protect yourself against it, and that is why having travel insurance is the safest and smartest way to go.

Peace of Mind is Key to a Stress Free Vacation

When embarking on the vacation of a lifetime, the last thing you want to do is worry about the things that could go wrong along the way. Having travel insurance, even if you do not end up having to use it, can help insure that your travels are safe and carefree, with any unforeseen events or mishaps protected against. It is also important to keep in mind that all visitors entering the U.S. are required to undergo a security screening by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), and because they want to be confident in the fact that travelers won’t leave behind hefty bill for U.S. tax payers to have to cover upon their return to their home country, the question of whether you are protected by a travel insurance policy or not may arise, especially for elderly citizens who are more likely to encounter a medical emergency during the duration of their stay. While having a travel insurance policy is not necessarily a required criteria upon entering the country, in this case, it could however be seen as a plus point for the CBP officers who will be granting your entrance, giving you more peace of mind during the clearance process as well.

While there are many potential risks associated with traveling to the U.S., many of those risks can be protected against by purchasing a travel insurance policy catered to your specific travel needs. Get quotes to learn more about the benefits of travel insurance and explore available plans. For specific questions and inquiries, contact us at

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