Bridge Insurance Plan (A Medicare style plan for Green card, permanent residents and US Citizens)

Bridge Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance for permanent residents, U.S. citizens, waiting for Medicare. Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan is perfect to cover senior citizens in the transition period between traditional insurance and Medicare.

Eligibility :- Green card holder, New Immigrants, U.S. citizens age 60 to 95 years.


  • Rated "A" Plan
  • 80-100% Coverage
  • Coverage: 1 day - 11 Month policy period, with re-written for maximum of 6 times.
  • Any Doctor & Any hospital
  • Underwriter: PIU (Peterson Underwriters)

Bridge Plan can be suitable in any of the following situation:

  • Ineligible to enroll in Medicare: (New Immigrants or Green card holders to U.S. )
    The Bridge Plan is available and suitable for those who have become Green card holder or permanent residents of the United States and who are within the five year waiting period for Medicare eligibility.
  • People who failed to enroll into Medicare on time.
    The Bridge Plan will cover them with benefits similar to Medicare on a temporary basis until the next enrollment opportunity.
  • People, for various reasons, have only Part A or Part B. They may be able to get the additional part through Medicare, but at a later date. The Bridge Plan may provide coverage with both Part A and Part B, OR just Part A, or just Part B.

See more information and comparison of Medicare, Medical and Medi-Caid for green card holders.

Where and How to Buy Bridge Plan ?

Download Bridge Insurance Plan Application, complete it and FAX it to 408 496 1090.