International Major Medical Cancellation Policy

The International Major Medical policy is cancelable. There are certain clauses attached to the cancellation policy:

If cancelled before the effective date:

  • If the policy is canceled before it becomes effective, you are eligible for a full refund.

If cancelled after the effective date:

  • If the policy is purchased through a paper application and has installment payment option, it may be canceled anytime. In this situation, no cancellation fee is charged even if the cancellation occurs after the plan effective date. For instance, you may buy a paper policy effective for 3 months from 1st of January to 31st of March, where the premium is automatically deducted on the 1st of each month from your bank account. If you file a request for cancellation on 16th of January, the premiums of February and March will not be deducted from your account and you will not be charged any cancellation fee.
  • Policies purchased online cannot be cancelled, and are not eligible for refund after the policy effective date.

Refund Estimator ( How much refund will I receive )

Enter your policy id and select a date on which you would like to cancel the policy to see your estimated refund.
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Primary Insured Last Name :

Policy Name :

Cancellation Rule for this Policy :


See plan brochure for details

Coverage Days Remaining
Days Eligible for Refund
Pro Rated Refund for Days
Cancellation Fees **
Estimated Refund *
* Disclaimer: This is an estimated refund amount. Actual refund amount may vary
** Applicable Cancellation fee is charged by the policy administrator as per the policy contract.

How to Cancel

You can cancel your visitors insurance policy with the following steps:

  • Step 1. Sign in to the Customer Portal using the policy number and the primary insured's date of birth
  • Step 2. Find the plan you want to cancel and click cancel. Fill out the required fields and complete cancellation
  • Step 3. Allow 7-10 business days for processing and refund
Information provided here is high level, provided for your convenience and information purpose only. Please review the Evidence of Coverage and Plan Contract (Policy) for a detailed description of Coverage Benefits, Limitations and Exclusions. Must read the Policy Brochure and Plan Details for complete and accurate details. Only the Terms and Conditions of Coverage Benefits listed in the policy are binding.
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