International Major Medical Cancellation Policy

The International Major Medical policy is cancelable for those who pay monthly. Cancellation is only an option before coverage begins for those who paid in full.

NOTE: Please submit your request for cancellation at least seven [7] days prior to the next scheduled automatic payment date.

How to Cancel

Send an email to:

With the subject line: Request for Cancellation, Policy # [provide the policy number]

Include complete details including policy number, date of purchase, and the reason for plan cancellation. Upon receipt of this information we will send you a cancellation form to be completed. Once we receive the completed form, we will initiate the policy cancellation with the insurance company.

NOTE: If you are not the policy holder and communicating on behalf of the policy holder, please add the following authorization:

I am [relationship] of the insured and have the authorization from the insured to cancel the insurance coverage. Since the insured does not have access to communication to provide a written request for cancellation as required I am making this request on behalf of the insured.

Estimate Refund

How much refund would I receive?

Enter your policy id and select a date on which you would like to cancel the policy to see your estimated refund.

We weren't able to locate this policy id. Please enter it exactly as shown in your policy.

If Cancelled Before the Effective Date

If the policy is cancelled before it becomes effective, you are eligible for a full refund.

If Cancelled After the Effective Date

For those who paid the full premium up front, cancellation is not an option. For those who pay scheduled monthly payments, cancellation is possible if the request is sent at least seven [7] days prior to the next scheduled payment date. After the cancellation request is received, coverage will continue until the end of the current pre-paid period and the remaining automatic payments will be cancelled.