PIU's Short-Term Major Medical Cancellation & Refund

PIU Short Term Major Medical health insurance policy is cancellable within 10 days of purchase with a written request to cancel the policy. A full refund will be processed if the insurance benefits are not used during these 10 days

If cancelled after the effective date:
  • If payments are made on a monthly basis, future payments can be stopped if a written request to cancel is received.
  • If policy is paid in-full, there is no refund available.

How to Cancel

Send an email to: support@visitorscoverage.com

With the subject line: Request for Cancellation, Policy # [provide the policy number]

Include complete details including policy number, date of purchase, and the reason for plan cancellation. Upon receipt of this information we will initiate the policy cancellation with the insurance company. Please allow 7-10 business days to process the cancellation.

NOTE: If you are not the policy holder and communicating on behalf of the policy holder, please add the following authorization:

I am son/daughter of the insured and have the authorization from the insured to cancel the insurance coverage. Since the Insured does not have access to communications to provide a written request for cancellation as required I am making this request on behalf of the insured.