Last updated September 9, 2021

Jamaica has consistently ranked among the world's top tourist destinations. There's a good reason for that-- the relaxing tropical climate, a multitude of gorgeous beaches, and world-renown rums. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, this large island-state in the Greater Antilles, offers vacationers sights, sounds and experiences they'll remember for the rest of their lives. But to enter Jamaica, you'll need travel insurance.

Travel insurance is mandatory for Jamaica

While Jamaica does offer government-issued travel insurance it offers limited coverage. There’s a $40 fee for $50,000 of medical emergency coverage and $100,000 of coverage while traveling to Jamaica and returning home. The coverage includes COVID-19 and natural disasters in Jamaica. If you would like more comprehensive travel insurance, you'll find the best travel insurance for Jamaica at VisitorsCoverage.

Covid in Jamaica

The Centers for Disease Control classifies the Covid threat in Jamaica at a Level 4, which means that there's a very high risk of exposure in the country and it's recommended that all non-essential travel to Jamaica be avoided, even if travelers are fully vaccinated.

However, if you decide on traveling to Jamaica during the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you're fully vaccinated before you leave your home country and follow Covid safety protocols in both your home country and in Jamaica. If your return flight is to the U.S., you're required to produce a negative Covid results within three days before leaving Jamaica.

For COVID-19 updates and restrictions specific to Jamaica, check out the following resources:

If you would like to buy travel insurance for Jamaica but have some questions first, our Customer Success Team is here to help.

Visas and Documentation

In addition to proof of travel health insurance for Jamaica, there may be other documents you won't want to leave home without. Visa requirements depend on your home country. For example, American citizens are not required to have a visa as long as their stay is less than 60 days. To determine what your country's specific visa requirements for traveling to Jamaica are, check out Jamaica's Passport Immigration And Citizenship Agency Website.

In terms of documentation, every foreigner traveling to Jamaica must present a valid passport or similar documentation such as Certificates of Identity or Documents of Identity. For a comprehensive list of acceptable alternatives to passports, visit PICA's website mentioned above.

Necessary Vaccinations