Help me choose an Insurance plan

This assessment tool is specially designed for Non US Citizens traveling to USA. Just answer few questions, it will assess your insurance need and will suggest a plan suitable for your need.

A. What is the visitor's age?

B. Does the visitor have any pre-existing medical conditions?

C. Is any domestic travel involved? (like road trips for site-seeing, etc.)

D. What type of coverage are you looking for?

Help-me-Choose tool enables you to narrow down your choices based on limited answers provided by you. This is not an actual representation of your medical situation or cost incurred. By using this service, you agree to use this tool only as a guide. Do not base your decision of purchasing an insurance policy solely on the results shown in this tool. Must review the policy brochure for a detailed description of coverage, benefits, limitations, and exclusions. Only the terms and conditions stated in the policy are binding. Your access to and use of this tool is subject to additional Terms and Conditions.
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