Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic can be stressful due to the uncertainty and severity of this virus. When travel cannot be avoided, travel medical insurance is an important precaution to take when traveling to the U.S. where healthcare costs can be tens of thousands of dollars.

As the most trusted name in travel medical insurance, helping millions of travelers around the globe for more than 14 years, VisitorsCoverage helps travelers like you answer pressing questions on how to protect yourself from the unforeseen. One question that we keep hearing lately is, "There are so many plans with similar-sounding names and coverage. Which one is the best?" In particular, "which plan is the best for COVID-19 and the current coronavirus pandemic?"

You should make your decision based on one simple criterion; whether you want the plan to cover for pre-existing conditions or not. This single question will greatly impact your claims experience in the event that you have to use the insurance.

So ask yourself which of these statements is true of your travel needs:

  1. I need coverage which will include Pre-Existing medical conditions. An illness or injury that is chronic or was known before departing from home.
  2. Pre-existing condition coverage is not necessary for my travel insurance policy. The person traveling does not have any existing medical conditions.

If your answer is A , you are looking for a plan which covers pre-existing conditions. The INF Elite insurance plan is one of the best plans for this category, and thus a good choice for your travel needs.


Why INF Elite?

There is no other plan in this category that covers pre-existing conditions for temporary visitors to the USA. Although there are limits on how much this plan can cover, INF Elite does not exclude coverage for medical care relating to pre-existing conditions. This plan can be a great choice for those who are looking for a policy for their parents or family members with pre-existing conditions like heart disease, diabetes and other chronic or existing health conditions. Because this plan does not exclude pre-existing conditions, this can be more expensive than other travel medical plans. Underwritten by an "A" rated insurer, INF Elite is one of the most prestigious insurance plans for this category.

Learn more about the INF Elite insurance plan.

If you answered B, and you don't necessarily need coverage for pre-existing conditions, you are looking for a plan that covers new conditions and provides the best COVID-19 related benefits. You will also want this plan to provide all the other standard benefits of a travel medical insurance policy. In this case, CoverAmerica-Gold can be the best choice.

Why CoverAmerica-Gold?

This is the top-selling plan for U.S. visitors that has the most comprehensive benefits for COVID-19. CoverAmerica-Gold also has all of the many other standard benefits of a great travel medical insurance policy and is best suited for travelers to the USA.

This plan has all that you should be looking for in a travel medical policy for U.S. visitors. Underwritten by IMG, an "A" rated carrier, CoverAmerica-Gold also features United Healthcare's popular PPO network and includes the following sought-after benefits.

  • Free screening tests for COVID-19
  • Medical coverage for COVID-19
  • An indemnity allowance in the event of quarantine due to COVID-19
  • Coverage for funeral expenses or repatriation of remains even if death is related to COVID-19
  • Missed connection benefit during international transit
  • Border entry protection
  • And many more benefits designed for U.S. visitors

Learn more about the CoverAmerica-Gold insurance plan .

Shopping for a reliable insurance policy can be stressful. At VisitorsCoverage, we want to make your decision an informed and educated one. Please note that every insurance policy comes with a list of exclusions, limitations and other qualifying eligibility criteria. Not every policy will meet every individual's needs.

Please review policy documents carefully to get more specific details of coverage, limits and exclusions. Our licensed and qualified insurance experts licensed and qualified insurance experts are available to help you answer any questions you may have.