Inbound USA Choice Insurance
PPO Network, and Providers Directory

Inside USA

Inbound USA Choice Insurance is a limited coverage plan and therefore does not participate in any PPO Network, which means that you may visit any doctor, hospital, or other healthcare service provider of your choice. When you use your Inbound USA Choice insurance plan, the provider will either bill the insurance company directly or have you pay upfront and file a claim for reimbursement later.

If you do need assistance searching for a doctor or hospital, you can easily locate a provider within the Seven Corners PPO Network, United Healthcare. To search for a general practice physician, use the term "Primary Care" when using the search tool below.

Outside USA

Inbound USA Choice Insurance does not provide coverage outside the USA. It is only for non-US citizens traveling within the US.

What does this mean for policy holder?

The Inbound USA Choice does not have a designated PPO network. You can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice. The billing process and the amount charged would be at the providers' discretion. The Providers might or might not apply the discounted PPO rates. The insurance would pay only the given fixed amount, based on the schedule of benefits, irrespective of how much the providers charge. Also, the providers may or may not directly bill the insurance company. The Claim process would be mandatory, like any other travel insurance policy. Find out about the Claim process here: Inbound USA Choice Insurance Claim Process

Assistance by Phone

If you need help with finding a provider, you may also contact Plan Administration - Seven Corners (SRI) Assist at 800-335-0477 or 317-575-2656 during normal business hours (8AM - 5PM EST).

If its not an emergency or an urgent care need, prefer setting up an appointment with a doctor or hospital within the PPO Network. Then contact Seven Corners (SRI) Assist with the appointment information. Seven Corners (SRI) Assist will then send a notice to the facility outlining your coverage information and program details. While using the Seven Corners (SRI) Network does not guarantee benefits, it allows Seven Corners (formerly SRI) to streamline the administrative process for both you as well as your physician.

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