Is INF Elite Insurance the Perfect Plan for You?

If you are concerned about traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel insurance is a great way to ease your worries. Travel medical insurance plans can help cover expenses due to injury or illness while you are traveling abroad. However, there can be limitations on many such plans particularly for elderly travelers and those with chronic medical conditions.

INF Elite is a great plan for international travelers with pre-existing conditions. This can include the elderly and those with ongoing medical conditions. Plans like INF Elite can help cover costs if a policyholder's condition worsens while abroad and he or she needs medical treatment.

Some groups that can benefit from an INF Elite policy include:

Besides being the best plan for travelers with pre-existing conditions, INF Elite also provides excellent coverage for policyholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some plan highlights include:

  • COVID-19 Coverage: INF Elite covers medical expenses related to COVID-19 like any other new condition. This means that care and hospitalization will be covered if the virus was contracted after entering your destination country.
  • Telemedicine: This plan also covers doctor visits conducted virtually or over the telephone. This is especially helpful during the coronavirus pandemic as medical facilities may not be seeing patients in person unless absolutely necessary. This benefit allows you to be covered even if you are seeing a doctor remotely.
  • Renewal: INF Elite allows policyholders to renew their plans before their policy expires. If you need to remain away from home due to travel restrictions or health concerns, you can extend your plan to cover you the entire time you are traveling.
  • Repatriation: Although not the most pleasant to think about, repatriation is an important benefit to look for in any travel medical plan. It provides coverage for transportation back to your home country in case you are injured or pass away abroad. This kind of benefit is especially important for higher-risk travel, like during a global pandemic.
  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions: It is worth reiterating that INF Elite's most notable feature is its coverage for pre-existing conditions. Most travel insurance plans will not cover expenses related to conditions that existed prior to a traveler's departure. This plan is ideal for people who are elderly or who have known medical conditions that could worsen or flare up during travel.

Underwritten by an "A" rated insurer, INF Elite is an excellent travel medical insurance plan with many comprehensive benefits, including coverage for pre-existing conditions. If you are looking for a reliable visitor insurance plan with pre-existing conditions coverage, this can be your best pick. It is more expensive than other plans, however, it is also the only plan to fully cover pre-existing conditions.

Different plans may have certain exclusions and limitations, and not every plan will be suitable for every individual. Consult a licensed travel insurance expert to discuss what plan may best suit your travel needs. We are here to assist you and help make your travel experience worry-free.