Why Do I Need to File a Visitors Insurance Claim?

Claim processing and handing always seem to garner the most sought-after queries at any insurance firm, as it is the most intrinsic part of an insurance service. Therefore, it is important that you know how it works and how you can get the best benefit from your claim process.

There is a fundamental difference between domestic health insurance and temporary insurance, such as visitors insurance. While domestic insurance claims are generally straightforward, without requiring you to fill a claim form each time you avail a service, visitors insurance plans need you to file for a claim even if the provider directly bills the insurance company

Why file a Travel Insurance claim? Although it is a well-known fact that everyone dislikes extra paperwork, filing a claim is not only an important part of availing the benefits of visitors insurance, but also accelerates the process of getting compensated smoothly.

Here are some of the reasons, why you need to file a claim:

  • Verifying the Identity of insured person: The insurance company needs to ascertain the details of the insured individual, such as date of birth, name, etc. Only an ID can serve as a legitimate proof. The basic identification that visitors to the USA have is their passport, which works both as personal identification and proof of their legal status as visitors to the US. The insurance company needs to verify the identity and all other related information about the insured person to ensure eligibility of the claim.
  • Audit purpose: The US Government insurance law mandates insurance companies to obtain complete documentation before making any authorized payment.
  • Preventing Frauds: It is essential for insurance companies to ensure that the payment for a claim is genuine. To protect the insurance industry from numerous kinds of fraud, the claim form and passport information are a pre-requisite.
  • Faster Reimbursement or Bill Settlement: Since there are multiple decision makers on a claim, keeping all the details of the insured handy helps insurance companies to effectively communicate with providers, facilitating faster and easier claim processes, thus enabling you to get your reimbursement at the earliest.

How to File a Visitor Insurance Claim

Here are some quick steps to help you file for a claim appropriately:

  • After you have availed a healthcare service, download the appropriate claims forms listed on VisitorsCoverage.com
  • Fill-in the details of the insured individual completely.
    Include copy of the visitor passport page, US entry immigration stamped page, before you mail/fax the paperwork to the claims department. Address and sending instructions are stated on the form.
    Ensure that the day you file the claim is well within the specified eligible period listed on your policy. (Generally within 90 days from the day service was availed).

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Rest assured, no company wants to make consumer processes complex for their valued customers. So, while the insurance company figures out a way to best assist you, you can follow these quick steps to do your bit to help them effectively resolve your claims faster.

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