Liaison Majestic

Comprehensive Coverage
AM Best Rating
A (Excellent)
Seven Corners
Lloyd's of London
Medical Coverage During Travel
Renewable & Cancelable
Comprehensive Coverage Plan
Coverage from 5 days to 12 days
Urgent Care
  • Cannot accept an address in Colorado (CO), Maryland (MD), New York (NY), South Dakota (SD) & Washington (WA).

Liaison Majestic insurance is a visitor medical insurance plan that provides medical and emergency coverage services to individuals and families traveling outside their home country. After the deductible is satisfied, the plan pays 90% of the first $5,000 and 100% thereafter towards eligible covered expenses for each sickness or injury.

Please review Liaison Majestic Insurance Insurance Brochure brochure or Description of Coverage brochure (policy document) for complete and accurate coverage and exclusions.


Dr. / Physician Visit

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Surgical Treatment

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Prescription Drugs / Medicines

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Lab & X-rays

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Physical Therapy

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered


Hospital Room

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Surgical Treatment

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Hospital Intensive Care Unit

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered

Emergency Services

Ambulance Expenses

Up to $5000

Emergency Room(ER)

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered


Acute, spontaneous and unexpected pain

Up to $100 (1 month or more coverage)

Accidental emergency

Up to $500 (1 month or more coverage)


Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation

Up to $1,000,000

Return of Remains

Up to $50,000

Emergency Reunion

Up to $50,000

Return of minor Child(ren)

Up to $50,000

Trip Interruption

Up to $5000

Loss of checked Baggage

Up to $250



Up to $50,000
(Dependents: $5,000)

Common Carrier Accidental Death

Up to $100,000
(Dependents $25,000 each; $250,000 Max for Family)


Pre-Existing Conditions

For US Citizens Traveling Abroad Only Up to $20,000 for Urgent Care ($2,500 for ages 65 and over)

For Non-US citizens $3,000 coverage for Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) or stroke.


Not Covered

General Physical full Checkup

Not Covered

Terrorism Coverage

80% covered for first $5000
100% covered thereafter

OutsideUSA/Canada: 100% covered



24-Hrs Emergency Assistance

Yes. Contact number and details can be found on the ID card.

Plan Administrator Company

Seven Corners

Carrier / Underwriter

Lloyd's of London


Liaison Majestic provides coverage for those traveling outside of their home country.

Plan Type

Comprehensive Coverage Plan
Percentage based coverage.

AM Best Rating

A (Excellent)

Coverage in U.S.A.


Coverage outside U.S.A.



No Co-pay


10% for the first $5,000 of accumulated expenses only. 100% covered there after up to the policy maximum.
Outside USA/Canada: There's no co-insurance. Insurance covers all eligible expenses up to 100%

How the Benefits are Paid

After the Insured pays the deductible, the program pays 90% of the first $5,000 of eligible expenses, then 100% to the selected maximum.

Outside USA/Canada: After you pay the deductible, the program pays 100% to the selected medical maximum.

Coverage Type

Lifetime of the policy

Deductible Type

Once Annually or Per Policy Period.


Renewable with $5 fee each time you renew, up to a maximum period of 3years (1 year for person age 65 and over).


Full refund available if cancelled before start date. Pro-rated refund available after start date if no claims have been made( $25 Cancellation Fee Applicable)

PPO Network


Coverage Length

Min 5 Days to 12 months. Can be extended up to 3 years For ages 65 & over: Limited to 12 months

Available Deductibles

Choose From: $0, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500

Available Coverage

Choose From: $60,000; $125,000; $600,000; $1,000,000
Ages 65+: Limited to $60,000
Ages 80+: Limited to $20,000

Provider Directory

By Provider, Phone: 800-335-0477 or 317-575-2656

Plan Brochure

Liaison Majestic Insurance Brochure brochure

Home Country Definition

The country where the covered person has his/her true, fixed, permanent home and principal establishment.

US States Restrictions

Restricts Maryland (MD) and Washington (WA) for a correspondence address. This restriction is only for purchase. The plan still provides coverage for a policy holder visiting MD and WA.

Country Restrictions

Not available to the residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria. Residents of Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra leone needs to have a US billing address.

Liaison Majestic Plan Insurance FAQs

Q1. Am I eligible for the Liaison Majestic Plan A?

The Liaison Majestic Plan is available for:

  • 1) any non-US citizen or resident, visiting the USA, and any other country, outside their home country for a short period of time.
  • 2) For US citizens and US residents, it is available for travel outside the USA
  • 3) The plan is available for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 364 days at one time. You can go on to renew the policy for up to 3 years.
  • 4) It is not available for US citizens, US Green Card Holders or long term visa holders, who pay taxes in the USA, for trips to the USA.
  • Q2. What Information do I need to buy the Plan?

    You would need the names, dates of birth, passport numbers of the visitors, and a valid credit card to buy the plan.

    Q3. When will I receive my ID card?

    You can print out your ID card from your confirmation e-mail and it will be used as proof of insurance.

    Q4. Can I renew the plan, if I plan to stay longer?

    Yes, if you buy the plan initially for more than 5 days, you can renew the policy. You would need to renew the plan at least two days before the policy expires. There would be an extra $5 renewal charge. The policy can be renewed for up to a maximum of 187 days.

    Q5. Can I cancel the plan, if I plan to go back earlier?

    Yes, you can cancel and get a refund for the Liaison Majestic Plan, if you need to go back earlier than plan. The following rules apply: 1) You can get refund back, only if you do not need to visit the doctor/provider while the policy is in force. 2) You can get a pro-rated refund for the number of days left in the policy 3) $25 cancellation fee applies. 4) If there is any claim on file, you would not get any refund back. 5) Written request is required for any cancellation.

    Q6. Are pre-existing conditions covered by the Liaison Majestic Plan?

    Pre-existing conditions are not covered by Liaison Majestic Plan. However the Plan covers for an heart attack or stroke related to a pre-existing condition for up to a maximum of $3,000. Nothing else related to pre-existing conditions is covered. Please check the Description of Coverage for more details of this coverage.

    Q7. What is the difference between Liaison Continent Plan and Liaison Majestic?

    There is not much difference between the Liaison Continent and Liaison Majestic Plan. Here are the following differences:

  • 1) Liaison Continent is available for 187 days. The Liaison Majestic is available for up to 364 days, at one time, and you can renew it for a maximum of 3 years.
  • The pre-existing condition coverage for Liaison Majestic covers only for Heart Attack or Stroke related to pre-existing condition for up to $3,000. The Liaison Continent Plan covers for an acute onset of pre-existing condition for up to $25,000 for people up to 69 years of age.
  • The Liaison Continent offers two options of coverage percentage- Plan A(covers 80% for first $5,000, and 100% after that.) and Plan B (covers 75% for the covered bill, through out the policy period). The Liaison Majestic offers one option, that covers 80% for the first $5,000 and 100% after that for all eligible expenses. Other than that the two plans are almost identical.

    Q8. What's the Rx Discount Card that comes with this plan?

    This is a discount savings program available to every certificate holder of the Liaison plans. This program allows card members to purchase prescriptions at one of over 35,000 participating pharmacies in the U.S. and receive the lower of 1) Universal Rx contract price or 2) the pharmacy regular retail price.

    This discount program is not insurance coverage. It is purely a discount program to purchasers of the Liaison Majestic plans. Use of the discount card does not guarantee that prescribed medication is covered under the insurance benefit plan.

    Q9. What is the Incidental Home Country Coverage?

    During the policy period, if you need to go back to your home country for a short trip, and come back again, then the plan would cover for short trips. The maximum number of days covered in incidental trip home is 30 days. The trip must not be taken for medical purposes. Incidental home country coverage does not apply to final trip to home country.

    Q10. What is Hazardous Sports Coverage?

    Adventure Sports are usually not covered in travel medical policies. With additional premium you can purchase the optional Hazardous Spots Rider Coverage. This would cover for the following sports and activities: motorcycle /motor scooter riding (whether as a passenger or a driver), hang gliding, Parachuting, zip lining, parasailing, bungee jumping, water skiing, wakeboard riding, jet skiing, windsurfing, snowmobiling, and spelunking

    Q11. Which doctor or hospital can I go to?

    You can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice. If you would like, you can choose to go in the PPO network for Liaison, which is the United Health Care PPO Network.

    You can search for doctors or hospitals in this Provider Directory.

    Q12. How do I use this insurance?

    Please refer to the following article about the policy usage: How to use Visitor Insurance?

    Q13. How do I file a claim?

    Please refer to the following article concerning the claim process:
    Visitor Insurance Claim Process

    Q14. When I buy this plan, do I need to make the full payment at once or do I have the option of paying it on a monthly basis?

    Based on the desired coverage length you have selected, you have to make the full payment at once.

    Since this plan is renewable you can renew it anytime you would like to before the policy expires. There is a renewable fee of $5 that associated with the renewal.

    Q15. Where can I find answers to other questions I have?

    Please refer to Visitors Insurance FAQs section.
    Learn more from informative articles at Visitor Insurance Information section. If you still have questions, please call our support line toll free: 1.866.384.9104

    Note: Information provided here is general in nature and may change from time to time. Your best course of action would be to refer to your policy papers/guidelines and contact the Provider for up-to-date information


    Plan features listed here are high level, provided for your convenience and information purpose only. Please review the Evidence of Coverage and Plan Contract (Policy) for a detailed description of Coverage Benefits, Limitations and Exclusions. Must read the Policy Brochure and Plan Details for complete and accurate details. Only the Terms and Conditions of Coverage Benefits listed in the policy are binding.