Liaison Majestic Insurance PPO Network, and Providers Directory

Inside USA

The PPO provider for Liaison Majestic is United Healthcare. United Healthcareis an independent organization and a recognized PPO Network by all major hospitals, doctors, and health facilities.

If you have a Liaison Majestic Insurance plan, prefer going to the provider listed in this provider directory to take the advantage of plan benefits. Remember to mention United Healthcare Network as your PPO provider when you visit the hospital, since this is the name that is recognized by the provider.

Since the plan administrator has recently changed the providers network, we recommend that you locate the provider logo on your insurance ID card. If your card has the MultiPlan logo, Please visit: MultiPlan Network

Outside USA

When using your Liaison Majestic plan outside of the United States, you can visit to access a list of participating health service providers within the Seven Corners International Network in addition to country alerts, information, and news to stay updated while you are traveling abroad.

Disclaimer: List of providers name are given here for your convenience only. Actual participating doctor and hospitals or service providers may change their participation any time without any notice to the policy holder. Please review your policy document for the terms and conditions of how the providers and billing process works. Maxn Insurance Services ( does not provide any guarantee of acceptance of any particular policy at any of this listed network of providers. Please contact the policy insurance administrator for questions related to providers and benefits associated with your policy.
Acceptance of a particular insurance with a particular service provider is subject to service provider's terms of service with their client and insurance company or PPO network.

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