Liaison Travel Elite Insurance
PPO Network, and Providers Directory

Inside the US

The PPO provider for Liaison Travel Elite is UnitedHealthcare, a network recognized by all major hospitals and healthcare facilities.

When visiting a healthcare facility, remember to mention United Healthcare as your PPO provider. Liaison Travel Elite policyholders should visit providers listed within the UnitedHealthcare directory to take advantage of in-network benefits.

Outside the US

When using your Liaison Travel Elite plan outside of the United States, you can visit to access a list of participating health service providers within the Seven Corners International Network in addition to country alerts, information, and news to stay updated while you're traveling abroad.

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Additional Information about Liaison Travel Elite Insurance

Disclaimer: Acceptance of a particular insurance with a particular service provider is subject to the service provider's terms of service with Policyholder's insurance company or PPO network. You can always call the number given on the insurance ID card for any assistance.