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Hi, My dad is visiting the US for 3 months starting next week. He's around 66 years old and has diabetes, high blood pressure, and had bypass surgery 2 years ago. I have few questions: 1. What does acute onset of pre-existing conditions mean? 2. Does Kaiser hospital in California accept Inbound USA insurance? If not, then can you please give list of hospitals near Santa Clara, CA that would accept this insurance? 3. Do I need to pay upfront for all my new sicknesses or injuries, or is it cashless? 4. What would be the best insurance/coverage policy for pre-existing conditions like the ones listed above?

MILAN SHAH, 13 Apr 2013

We can help you find a suitable policy for your visiting father. A travel medical insurance policy will provide coverage for any new medical conditions that occur after the policy becomes effective. Travel or visitors' insurance policies usually do not provide coverage for any pre-existing conditions or routine exams, but some plans do have coverage for “Acute onset of pre-existing conditions” for persons age 70 years and under. see more details here:

Pre-Existing Coverage Plans for USA Visitors

Acceptance or direct billing depends on the provider and their internal billing practice. Either way, since travel insurance is short-term temporary insurance for foreign visitors, direct billing is not guaranteed  by any travel insurance plans, but the insurance company pays for any covered expenses as per the policy's terms.  Read more here: Travel Medical Insurance With Cashless Pay of Direct Pay Policy? A comprehensive benefit policy  is more popular and recommended for good coverage. Most comprehensive visitors' insurance plans do have a PPO network that include all major medical service providers in the Bay Area. You can see the list of PPO providers for each plan on our website under providers list. The Kaiser group usually does not participate in any external insurance program. You may go to Kaiser, but the direct billing is not guaranteed. However, you can always file the claims and it will be reimbursed as per the policy's terms. 

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