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Hi! My mom will be visiting the U.S and is planning to stay for 6 months. Usually she buys her traveler's insurance from India. However, this time I am looking at the insurance provided by U.S. carriers. She has arthritis and borderline diabetes and is of 60 yrs of age. What would be the best policy to get to cover any emergencies/doctor visits if need arises?

Rema Noel, 16 Apr 2013

Yes, we can help you find a suitable policy for your visiting mother . A travel medical insurance policy will provide coverage for any new medical conditions that occur after the policy become effective. Travel or visitors' insurance usually do not provide coverage for any pre-existing conditions or routine exams, but some plans do have coverage for “acute onset of pre-existing conditions” for persons under 70 years old. See more details here: A comprehensive benefit policy  is more popular and recommended for good coverage. Most comprehensive visitor’s insurance plans do have a PPO network that includes all major medical service providers in USA. Contact our customer support at or call 866-384-9104 to speak to a licensed health and travel insurance expert, during the business hours to get assistance.  

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