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I am a Mexican Citizen living in Mexico and want to buy comprehensive health insurance for my three-month trip in both Canada and the US. I am 63 years old. I could not find any health providers for your services in Canada. What does this mean? Please help me find the best insurance.

Internet User, 22 Nov 2014

We appreciate your question. 

The PPO networks are only within the United States. Visiting these locations while in the US, should any accidents occur, would not necessarily guarantee direct billing. Billing depends solely on the discretion of the hospital or doctor that you are seeing for treatment. The PPO Network for travel insurance plans do not work the same way as regular, domestic plans. It is more of a search tool for people who are looking for medical provider in their area.

So, you are welcome to visit any doctor or hospital in both Canada and the US, and the procedure will be as followed:

  • If the bill that you have accumulated is quite large, generally the doctor or hospital will bill directly to the insurance company. Most of the time health care providers do not expect a patient to have thousands of dollars avaiable for medical bills. 
  • For smaller bills, the health provider will typically ask you to pay and you will then it is your responsibility to file for reibursement with your insurance company. 

The claim process is mandatory for visitors plans. Even if the health provider has billed directly to the insurance company, you will still be required to file a claim with your insurance company. For additional information on the claim process, see: Visitors Coverage Claim Process

You may choose from any of the plans on the following link. The comprehensive coverage plans are located on the second half of the page. Visitors Insurance

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