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I am trying to purchase travel insurance for my parents who are visiting me for a month. I looked at several insurance policies, and unfortunately I have come across several negative reviews about them. In fact, I have not come across any incident where someone who filed a claim was happy with the services. Can you please explain? Do you suggest I purchase travel insurance from India?

Internet User, 01 Apr 2014

This is a very valid and interesting question. The answer can be lengthy, but I will try my best to keep it brief.

Most people do not post reviews when they are pleased with the services they received. On the contrary, they take time to post negetive reviews if they are unhappy. Furthermore, there is no proven, reliable, or trustworthy source where you can find authentic reviews. Visitors' insurance reviews you find online may be hosted by insurance brokers or agents themselves. Such reviews are biased and in most cases, fabricated, or selectively displayed. Since insurance businesses in the US are regulated, you should rest assured that no matter what insurance company it is, it must operate ethically, and provide the services it has promised, else the company would not be in business for long. Most negative feedback is usually about  unpaid claims.  Such reviews lack details of whether or not the claims made were actually covered in the policy or not. In most cases, negative experiences with insurance policies stem from unreasonable expectations. The following reading will help: Do People Have Unreasonable Expectations From Travel Insurance Policies? Regarding your question about purchasing insurance from India, this may help : Visitors Insurance from India or the USA?   No matter where you buy insurance from, it is important to understand the policy terms and benefits offered by the policy. Pay special attention to the policy exclusions before you make a purchase. Ask questions to the provider or agent, select the correct policy maximum limit for your needs, and consider the deducible, etc.   Another useful resource to check out : as well as our knowledge center :

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