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My parents are visiting the USA from India. They will have a 3-hour stop in Abu Dhabi. I want to know what kind of visitor' insurance I should take which will cover the following scenarios: 1. One or both of them have some critical medical emergency after the plane takes off from India, and after landing in Abu Dhabi they are admitted to a local hospital where they are treated in Abu Dhabi for 2 days and then continue to travel to the USA. 2. In the above situation, instead of continuing their journey to the US, they decide to go back to India. In this case, not reaching the USA at all. Will a visitors' insurance taken for the US have coverage for such situations?

Internet User, 10 May 2014

A comprehensive coverage policy would be a good fit for such situations. These plans provide coverage for international travel, and coverage becomes effective once you leave your home country. Such policies will cover anywhere out of home country including any intermediate stopovers. Coverage will be provided as per the policy terms and for covered benefits only.

If they need to go back to home country for a covered reason, it should be covered under trip interruption or medical evacuation. Please review the policy documents to learn more about the coverage conditions.

To learn more about Compehenive Coverage plans:

Why Comprehensive Coverage Plans are Better

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