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Study USA Basic Plan Policy Renewal

How to Extend

You can extend your Study USA Basic Plan Insurance policy with the following steps:

Send an email to:
With the subject line: Request for Extension, Policy # [provide the policy number]
Include the following details: policy number, date of purchase, and new request end date. Upon receipt of this information we will initiate the policy extension with the insurance company. Please allow 7-10 business days to process the extension.

NOTE: If you are not the policyholder and communicating on behalf of the policy holder, please add the following authorization:
I am the [relation to policyholder] of the insured and have the authorization from the insured to extend the insurance coverage. Since the Insured does not have access to communications to provide a written request for extension as required I am making this request on behalf of the insured.

Repurchase your policy

Have the following information handy:
  • Policy number and D.O.B of the primary insured person
  • Your credit card information for checkout
  • Call Support at: 1-866-384-9104


Plan features listed here are high level, provided for your convenience and information purpose only. Please review the Evidence of Coverage and Plan Contract (Policy) for a detailed description of Coverage Benefits, Limitations and Exclusions. Must read the Policy Brochure and Plan Details for complete and accurate details. Only the Terms and Conditions of Coverage Benefits listed in the policy are binding.