How does the Visit USA Plan Work?

Visit USA is a percentage based comprehensive plan. The plan covers for any unexpected sickness or injury that starts after the policy becomes effective.

Which Doctor to Go To?

You can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice. However it is better to go to a doctor within the PPO network to get better provider rates, and better percentage of coverage. The Atlas America plan is part of the First Health PPO network. To search for nearby providers in your area visit Atlas America Insurance Providers

How does the Deductible Work

The deductible is the first amount of the covered bill that is the insured persons responsibility, before the insurance starts paying. The deductible for the Visit USA plan is one time in the policy period. The Atlas America Plan is available for a maximum of 364 days.

Coverage Area- Only in the USA

The Visit USA Plan coverage varies slightly,if you visit a provider within or outside the First Health PPO Network.

Within the First Health PPO Network: After the deductible is met by the insured person, the plan pays 100% up to the policy maximum, for all covered services.

Outside the PPO network: After the deductible, the plan pays 90% for the first $10,000 and then 100% up to the policy maximum. Any amount above the policy maximum is the insured persons responsibility.

$15,000 Hospital Bill
$500 Deductible
$100,000 Policy Maximum

You Pay $500 Deductible

You Pay $1000
20% of first $5000 after deductible

Insurance Pays $13,500 Up to Policy Maximum

Read the Visit USA Insurance brochure for complete details.