How does Atlas America Insurance Plan Work?

For coverage within USA and Canada:

After deductible plan pays 80% of first $5,000; then 100%

First: You satisfy accumulated medical expenses until your deductible is met.
Then: Insurance pays 80% of the accumulated eligible expenses up to $5,000.
(Co-Insurance can be waived with direct billing)
Then: Insurance pays 100% of the accumulated eligible expenses up to the policy maximum.
All expenses beyond the policy maximum are the responsibility of the insured.

Read the Atlas America Insurance Brochure for complete details.

- If In-Network providers directly bill the insurance company, then the co-insurance(20%) can be waived, and thus Atlas America insurance pays 100% after the deductible.
- Deductible is annual or per policy period (only once in 12 months).
- Policy maximum is per policy period.