How does the Visitors Care Plan Work?

How Does the Plan Pay

Visitors Care is a fixed dollar based limited coverage plan.The plan pays a pre-defined fixed dollar amount for every service or treatment. These specific amounts are mentioned in the plan brochure and the Description of Coverage.The policy maximum is just the outer maximum

How Does the Deductible Work

The deductible is the first amount of the covered bill that is the insured person's responsibility, before the insurance starts paying. The insured person has to first satisfy the deductible, before the insurance starts paying. The Deductible for the Visitors Care plan is one time in a continuous 12 months period. If you renew the policy beyond 12 months, a new deductible would apply.

Deductible Applied to the Fixed Benefits

The Visitors Care plan pays a limited amount for every service and treatment. The deductible for limited coverage plans, is applied to the fixed benefit amounts, and not the amount that the doctor's charge. For example, for a $50,000 policy maximum, the plan pays $3,300 for covered surgeries, for people up to 79 years of age. Now the surgery can cost $15,000 or $40,000, the insurance would pay a maximum up to $3,300. If you choose a $100 deductible, the deductible would apply to the fixed amount $3,300, and not the bill amount that the providers charge. The insurance would pay $3,300 (fixed benefit amount)-$100 (deductible) = $3,200

Visit Any Doctor or Hospital

Visitors Care is a limited coverage plan, so it does not have a PPO Network. This means that you can visit any doctor or hospital of your choice when using your Visitors Care policy. The healthcare provider will either bill the insurance company directly or have you pay upfront and file a claim for reimbursement later.

Where Does the Plan Cover

The Visitors Care plan covers internationally, anywhere outside of the insured persons home country and country of citizenship. It covers both the USA, as well as other international countries, outside the USA.

First: You satisfy accumulated medical expenses until your deductible is met.

Then: Insurance pays fixed amount per eligible medical service as outlined in the benefit table below, up to the policy maximum.

All expenses beyond the policy maximum are the responsibility of the insured.

Read the VisitorsCare brochure for complete details.

To see a full list of benefits, visit the VisitorsCare Plan Details Page