Even at the last minute, your vacation plans may go awry due to an unforeseen strike or inclement weather, delaying your trip and keeping you from getting somewhere important, whether a special family event, a vacation, or a business meeting. Such an incident proves not only stressful, but also expensive, since you have to bear additional expenses for accommodation, food, and medicines.

A trip delay insurance will provide you reimbursement for additional transportation costs or additional expenses for meals and lodging should your flight be delayed by inclement weather or other covered reasons.

Your policy will covere you for the trip delay insurance benefits if your trip is delayed for more than a stipulated number of hours because of events described in your policy, such as common carrier delays, traffic accidents, weather conditions, lost or stolen money or travel documents, natural disaster, and terror strike. Usually the benefits included in the policy are aimed at helping you return home or rejoin your trip. They may also include compensation for any unused and non refundable portion of your trip.

In other words, if your trip gets delayed due to inclement weather or due to strike or any other covered reason, trip delay reimburses you for food and accommodation.

For example, there is a flash flood in your city, forcing delay of your trip. Reimbursement will cover the daily meals and accommodations (to the policy maximum) if your departure is delayed for more than the number of hours required for a covered reason during your trip.

During your coverage period, if you are traveling through a common carrier and your trip gets delayed for more than 12 hours while going to the destination or returning back, you are entitled to receive the trip delay insurance benefits.

Most travel insurance policies usually cover trip delay along with trip cancellation. You may optionally find a policy that covers trip delay exclusively or as a major benefit. Depending on your need you can pick the appropriate policy.

Some of the plan that offers travel delay coverage are:

  • TIS -: Travel Insurance Select
  • Travel Guard -: Essential, Med- evac, Protect Assist, Cruise Tour and travel
  • CSA -: CSA Travel Protection
  • Travel Ex-: Travel Plus, Travel Select, Travel Basic.

Facts and Important Information for Trip Delay Insurance:

  • Check with your airlines to find out the covered reasons for delay. Most airlines provide travel delay insurance coverage.
  • Some credit card companies also offer you travel delay protection if you buy your tickets using the credit card.
  • Make sure to read the policy documents for covered reasons.

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