Will travel insurance cover after the policy as expired for treating injury that happened before the policy expired?

Yes, most policies have a provision called the "Benefit Period" that contiunes to provide coverage up to a certain number of days or weeks for any treatment that was started while the policy was active. Read more details here: Benefit Period: A Savior, If Your Travel Medical Insurance Expires or is Not Renewable

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Is there a minimum time period required to purchase travel insurance?

Most policies require that you purchase a minimum of 5 days of coverage. If you have specific questions or need further help, please call our support at 866-384-9104.

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You can choose to either pay the amount up front in full, or purchase the plan for 1 month initially, and then continue to renew it for a maximum period of 12 months. The downside…

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Can I use my visitors insurance policy after it has expired?

If your insurance policy is currently not active, unfortunately there will not be any coverage for any medical conditions. You may buy a new policy to cover any new and future medical conditions. Visitors Insurance:…

Can I renew an insurance policy after it has expired?

Generally once a policy has expired, you cannot renew it and will need to purchase a new plan. We recommend renewing a policy at least two days before it expires to ensure you are fully…


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