Benefit Period: A Savior, If Your Travel Medical Insurance Policy Expires or Is Not Renewable

Benefit period, is the specific amount of time for which the benefits are paid for covered services and treatments. The benefit period varies from plan to plan; It can be the same as the policy period or may be more. Most comprehensive travel medical insurance plans have approximately about 6 months of Benefit Period. Please read your travel medical insurance policy brochure to find out the exact benefit period for your specific plan.

Benefit Period can be Useful in the Following Situations:

  1. If your travel medical insurance policy has ended: During the benefit period, the insurance company would pay for covered medical problems that started while the policy was effective. So even if you go back to your home country, or your policy expires, the insurance would still cover for the continued treatment of the medical problem that started during the time the policy was effective.
  2. If your policy is beyond renewal period: This feature becomes really crucial if your travel medical insurance is not renewable, or beyond the date of renewability. If you need continued coverage for a problem that started while the policy was effective, then the travel medical insurance would cover it up to the specified benefit period. A new policy would not cover for problems that started in the old policy period, as it becomes pre-existing condition for the new policy.

It is vital to know the benefit period for your travel medical insurance because as a policy holder, you have the right to know for how long you will continue to receive benefits. If you have additional questions about the benefit period for various travel medical insurance policies, email us at

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