Who We Are

We are an insurtech company revolutionizing the way travelers search for, compare, purchase and manage their travel insurance. Located in the heart of sunny Silicon Valley, we are disrupting the global travel insurance industry by building customer-centric tech tools to help travelers worldwide find the best travel insurance quickly and easily.

Intuitive to the needs of our customers while blazing a trail in the ever-evolving insurance industry, we strive to educate our customers and empower them to make informed choices with the help of patented decision-making tools. A pioneer and established industry leader, our commitment to improving the industry coupled with the highest quality coverage and service for our customers around the world, positions us as the most trusted and preferred brand for global travel insurance.

Our Story

VisitorsCoverage was created in 2006 to not only satisfy the insurance needs of international travelers, but to do it differently. Built upon the belief that travel insurance should not be complicated, we set out to educate and empower customers to make better, more informed travel insurance decisions using the power of technology.

In 14 years of dedication to improving the travel insurance industry and assisting our customers around the globe, we've continued to innovate, educate and create custom products tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Founded in Silicon Valley
Patent awarded
Custom products launched
1M+ customers
Cloud-based B2B solution launched

Our Mission

Our customers always come first. International travel is stressful enough, so we've made it our number one priority to streamline the search and compare process and constantly work to improve user experience to give every traveler a stress-free travel insurance experience, so there is one less thing to worry about while traveling abroad. We always aim to offer the widest selection of travel insurance, trip insurance and visitors medical insurance so our customers can find the policy that works best for their specific needs.

Simplifying Travel Insurance

Our core belief is that travel insurance should not be complicated. Since our inception in 2006, we have worked tirelessly to simplify the travel insurance experience. From streamlining search and compare processes to eliminating paper applications and cutting out the middleman, we believe that every trip should be covered and therefore made it our mission to make sure the process was as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our Promise

Exceptional Service

In addition to our seamless online experience, our dedicated team of licensed travel insurance experts provide top-notch customer service to ensure every traveler gets all their questions answered. Millions of customers have trusted us to help them find the best plan for their individual needs, empowering them to travel the world with confidence.

Lowest Price Guarantee

As a licensed insurance broker, we offer travel medical and trip insurance plans from leading insurance carriers. The rates you get here are the same as those offered by other insurance agents, brokers or other providers. Insurance is a regulated industry, which means that no other company can offer you a lower or higher premium for the same plan.

VisitorsCoverage provides you clarity in the process to view and compare plans easily and even provides you with specialized plans that you will not find anywhere else. However, the price for any given plan will be the same no matter where you actually purchase the insurance coverage.

Tireless Innovation and a Focus on the Future

We understand the travel landscape is ever-evolving in the tech-driven world. We have dedicated ourselves to continue to innovate to ensure our customers have the best possible online experience and access to the optimal products, resources and tools for the way they travel.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Awards and Recognition

We have received numerous prestigious awards and accolades from travel industry's top panels, including the recent 2020 Magellan Silver Award for Innovation and nominated Finalist in this year's ITIJ Insurtech Initiative of the Year Award.