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International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance
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International travel insurance covers those traveling outside of their home country.

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International travel insurance, or as it’s often called, international health insurance, is a type of travel medical insurance available for U.S. and non-U.S. residents traveling abroad. International travel insurance can provide you with coverage for expenses incurred due to illnesses or injuries sustained during your travels, emergency evacuation, trip interruption or cancellation. Additionally, international travel insurance provides coverage for loss of passport or wallet, misplaced luggage, assistance in the event of a natural disaster, repatriation benefits, and many other potential risks that could spoil your trip.

Why international health insurance matters

Every month, millions of travelers take international trips for vacation, business, study tours, or missionary travel. On these types of trips, your domestic insurance generally won't cover you for any losses incurred, and may not reimburse you for medical expenses. This is why it's so important to purchase international health insurance. International travel insurance provides the necessary coverage in the case of an emergency abroad, providing you the peace of mind during your time abroad.

Unlike trip insurance, which is solely for U.S. residents, international health insurance helps protect both U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents alike. If you are injured or contract an illness on foreign soil, international travel insurance can help lower costs related to medical treatment.

COVID-19 coverage is also available through international health insurance, which can help cover the expense of testing. Covid will be covered like any other new illness, and can include a benefit for those required to quarantine at their destination.

International travel insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Medical coverage for new illnesses and injuries
  • Emergency services including hospitalization and surgery
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Prescription coverage
  • Lost luggage

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International Travel Insurance FAQs

We’ve got you covered.

At VisitorsCoverage, you can easily compare International Travel Insurance plans and buy them online, quickly and without excessive paperwork. International Travel Insurance plans can help protect you from unforeseen circumstances and let you travel with peace of mind.

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