How to Use Visitors Travel Insurance at a Pharmacy

Why doesn't the pharmacy recognize or accept my visitors insurance card? How do I purchase medication?

Dont be surprised if you are asked to pay upfront for medication at the pharmacy - even if you have travel health insurance.

While your regular domestic US health insurance policy enables you to buy medications with just a co-pay, by showing your domestic health insurance card or prescription benefits card to a pharmacist, such is not the case with a travel insurance policy because travel insurance companies cannot support direct billing to pharmacies.

Why is There No Direct Billing at a Pharmacy? Why Do I Have to Pay and Claim?

Its simply not cost-effective or possible because travel insurance is a short-term insurance for visitors traveling from abroad.

For more information, see Why Do I have to Pay Upfront at the Pharmacy?

How Do I Get Medication at a Pharmacy? What is The Process?

You can go to any pharmacy of your choice. In the US, you must have proper prescription for any medication you want to get. There is no separate co-payment and you must pay in full and then file the claim to receive a reimbursement.

As long as you follow the claims process and have the proper receipts, the cost of your medications will be reimbursed as per the insurance policy terms.

Buying Medicine at a Pharmacy

  • Make an upfront payment.
  • Ask for the receipts.
  • You can claim this money from the insurance company, as per the policy coverage.
  • Since pharmacies do not store information in their systems for short-term insurance such as Visitor Insurance, you need to make an upfront payment at the pharmacy which you can claim from insurance company later.