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When you partner with us, you’ll tap into substantial earnings while giving your customers access to a wide range of relevant travel insurance products.

As a member of the VisitorsCoverage affiliate program, you can offer your audience top-rated insurance products from an award-winning travel insurance company that will protect them on their travels.

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Some of our most successful partners are:

  • Travel advisors
  • Travel influencers
  • Travel industry professionals
  • Visa and immigration consultants
  • Travel or finance-related bloggers
  • Online travel agencies
  • Financial websites
  • Student travel organizations

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Level up your earnings with referral income

How our Affiliate Partner referral fees work:

  • Referral fees are based on the price of the travel insurance policy sold. The higher the policy price, the higher the referral fee.
  • Unlimited potential!
Premier Level

Premier Level

Earn a referral fee for every qualified travel insurance sale. No limit on the amount!

Elite Level

Elite Level

Receive even higher fees per qualified sale than Premier Level partners.

Qualify for the Elite Level based on your total sales in a given year.

Why our partners love working with us

Our partners Our partners Our partners
  • We have the largest travel insurance portfolio

    Offer your clients access to the best travel insurance products on the market

  • Seamless buying process

    Our intuitive interface and helpful resources make customer purchases quick and easy

  • Outstanding customer support

    Our award-winning Customer Success Team assists customers every step of the way

  • Unlimited earning potential

    Tap into $28 billion potential revenue in the travel insurance market segment

Gain access to A+ insurers

Becoming an travel insurance affiliate is profitable

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