International Student Insurance is insurance health coverage for students while they are enrolled in a college or university in The United States.

Student health insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for international students in the U.S. and study-abroad students around the world. International student insurance plans are usually more affordable than the ones provided by the universities in the U.S. and they provide similar coverage.

Students can purchase insurance from two sources; either they can choose to go with the university-sponsored student health plan or they can buy insurance from a private insurance provider. Buying insurance from a private seller can be a good choice as the plans offered by the private providers can be cheaper than student health plans. If you purchase a plan from a private provider, your college or university might also ask for proof of coverage at the time of your enrollment to deduct the health insurance premium from your tuition.

Whether you are a student traveling to study in the United States or leaving the U.S. to study abroad, we have you covered.