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Policy Extension & Renewal Processes Overview

Most visitors insurance plans are extendable if you decide that you need to extend your policy for a longer coverage period. Extending a travel insurance policy is simple and can often be completed in a few easy steps online. In some cases, a small extension fee may apply.

  • To extend or renew your policy, sign in to your account and select the policy you want to update.
  • If your policy is eligible for extension or renewal, you'll find specific steps to guide you through the process.
  • Keep in mind that any extensions or renewals must be made before the initial policy expiration date.

How to Extend or Renew Your Policy

  • If you have your policy ID, submit below to view your specific extend or renewal instructions.
  • If you do not have your policy ID, click here to view extend or renewal information for all plans.

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Need Help Extending or Renewing Your Policy?

Sign in for help Renewing Your PolicySign in for help Renewing Your PolicyNeed Help Extending or Renewing Your Policy?

Plan extension and renewal guidelines vary from policy to policy. Sign in to your account to access the specific steps required to continue your coverage.

If you purchased the policy through VisitorsCoverage, our Customer Success Team of licensed travel insurance experts will be happy to help you extend or renew your policy.

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Policy Extension & Renewal FAQs

Policy Extension & Renewal FAQs

Search for your plan by provider

If you have purchased visitors health insurance that you want to extend, select the appropriate extension link from the list below to extend your plan online. Most plans can be extended online. For other plans, please call us.


Plan features listed here are high level, provided for your convenience and information purpose only. Please review the Evidence of Coverage and Plan Contract (Policy) for a detailed description of Coverage Benefits, Limitations and Exclusions. Must read the Policy Brochure and Plan Details for complete and accurate details. Only the Terms and Conditions of Coverage Benefits listed in the policy are binding.