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We offer fast and risk-free secure hosting via our Treppy platform. With connectivity to top insurance providers.

Boost Your Commissions

Boost your commissions

Agents earn top commissions selling travel insurance plans. With an impressive portfolio of policies to choose from, travelers can compare travel insurance quotes and coverage options in minutes!

100% Free

100% free

With zero overhead and no monthly fees, Agents get the Treppy benefits, allowing agents to sell without tech investment and overhead.

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Be part of the high-growth travel insurance sector Be part of the high-growth travel insurance sector Be part of the high-growth travel insurance sector

Be part of the high-growth travel insurance sector

  • The travel insurance market is expected to grow to $40B globally by 2025.
  • Take this opportunity to get a headstart on this high growth market worldwide.
  • Sell top-rated travel insurance plans from A+ insurance carriers.
  • Earn top commissions while offering travelers a wide range of comprehensive travel insurance options.

Unlock new income streams with unlimited potential

  • We provide a travel insurance marketplace, creating opportunities for established and new travel insurance agents to expand their market potential.
  • We also provide opportunities for life and health insurance agents to earn higher commissions.
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Unlock new income streams

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What makes our Agents thrive?

With more than a million customers around the world, we are dedicated to educating our customers about travel insurance and improving the way travelers explore, purchase and manage their travel insurance needs.

Industry-Leading Tech

Industry-leading tech Industry Leader

Top insurtech platform for selling travel insurance used by top insurance producers.

High Earning Potential

High earning potential Maximize Earnings

Earn top commissions with unlimited growth potential. Sell more and earn more.

Top-Rated Plans

Top-rated plans

Take advantage of the largest portfolio of A-rated plans, including extensive COVID-19 coverage.

Become a VisitorsCoverage Agent

Become a VisitorsCoverage Agent