International Travel Insurance for US Citizens

International Travel Insurance for US Citizens

The world outside of America is full of amazing, unique destinations that offer something for everyone. The intrepid traveler might love tobogganing down the Swiss Alps. The foodie might love the lively restaurant scene in Tokyo. The history buff might love exploring the ancient ruins in Petra, Jordan.

Regardless of where you decide to adventure, if you're taking a trip abroad, make sure to protect yourself with an international travel insurance plan.

What Is International Travel Insurance?

International travel insurance offers a vital safeguard for individuals traveling abroad as it offers coverage for unexpected emergency medical situations.

For example, if you are injured or become ill during your travels, international travel medical insurance can help you find the care you need and can offer coverage for your eligible medical bills incurred abroad.

Learn more about international travel insurance and what it covers.

Why Is International Travel Medical Insurance Important?

While the chances of falling sick or facing an unforeseen emergency situation while traveling abroad isn’t something travelers want to think about, accidents and the unexpected do happen occasionally.

If you need to seek medical attention abroad, it can be difficult to navigate the healthcare system in another country, find the right medical care, and deal with paying your medical bills.

With medical insurance for international travel, individuals can be protected from high medical expenses out-of-pocket and have the assistance they need to find medical care in foreign country.

Does US Health Insurance Cover International Travel?

One important thing to note for US citizens traveling abroad is that most US domestic health insurance plans do not offer coverage outside of the United States.

This can leave US citizens vulnerable to medical expenses when they are outside of the US without adequate medical coverage.

This is especially true for senior citizens in the US who are on Medicare. Medicare does not offer medical coverage outside of the US in most cases, so it is important to secure an international travel medical insurance plan for protection.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary for International Travel?

Travel insurance is highly recommended for travels journeying abroad due to the uncertainty surrounding receiving healthcare in foreign countries as a visitor. 

It is also important to remember that international travel insurance may be necessary, depending on the country you are traveling to. It is advised to do your research before embarking on your trip to determine whether or not travel insurance is required to enter into your destination country.

How Much Does International Travel Medical Insurance Cost?

The cost of international travel medical insurance will vary depending on the plan you select, the length of your trip, your age, and the destination country, among other factors.

Typically, you can expect international travel medical insurance to cost anywhere from $200 to $300. However, it is best to get an accurate quote for your trip so you can best gauge how much insurance will cost for your individual travel plans.

Best Travel Insurance for International Travel

Finding the best travel insurance for international travel will depend on your individual needs and desires.

Each plan may offer various benefits, so it’s advised to compare your international travel insurance options to find a policy that offers adequate coverage and any additional benefits you need, such as pre-existing conditions coverage or coverage for adventure sports.

Tips for International Travelers

If you are planning to travel internationally, here are some helpful tips to remember when it comes to international health insurance for travel:

  • If you believe Medicare covers your cost of healthcare overseas while you're abroad, you should know that not all Medicare plans are created equal. Some Medicare supplemental plans may provide selective coverage outside the United States while others might not. Check with your insurance policy terms before taking an international trip
  • A domestic health insurance plan may only cover emergency care overseas. However, you might be responsible for paying the upfront fee if a local medical provider doesn't recognize your insurance plan.
  • Adventure sports lovers or missionaries traveling to remote parts of the world may have higher chances of medical and accidental risk. Because of this, you should look for a policy that not only covers health emergencies, but also provides coverage for medical evacuation.

Secure Your Trip With VisitorsCoverage

Purchasing international travel health insurance will help you enjoy your vacation by giving you the peace of mind that you'll be protected and covered for emergency situations.

If you have remaining questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team for assistance!