The world beyond America is not the same, so are the medical and emergency services. If you are taking an international trip, make sure to protect yourself with a comprehensive travel insurance coverage.

Importance of Travel Health Insurance for US Citizens and Residents Taking International Trip

"U.S. medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the United States, nor do the Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs provide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside the United States. - U.S. Department of State

While chances of falling sick or facing an unforeseen emergency situation are always high, when you are traveling out of the country, the quality of medical or emergency services and facilities may not be the same as in the United States. As a US citizen, you cannot expect to receive the same level of treatment and services in a foreign country as you would receive in America, which is advanced and consumer friendly. More so, if you are traveling to a developing country, you may not even receive adequate medical services. Having a travel insurance can cover against emergency evacuation, medical expenses incurred, trip interruption or cancellation, 24 hours assistance and other travel & medical related risks.

American senior citizens traveling outside of their home country, as age progresses, are likely to become increasingly more prone to accidental injuries or illnesses and travel related risks like mugging or theft. It is important to keep in mind that Medicare or domestic health insurance will not provide medical coverage while traveling abroad which is why the US Department of State recommends that you purchase travel medical insurance policy. Because of this, it is imperative that you take the necessary precautions before embarking on your travels. For more information on why travel insurance is especially necessary for those above the age of 65, go to American Senior Citizens Traveling Abroad.

Precautions When Traveling Abroad | Travel Insurance for US Citizens

  • Many US citizens and residents, who hold domestic health insurance policy from popular providers, including Kaiser, BlueCross, BlueShield, are of the opinion that their regular health insurance policy will cover them if they get into medical trouble overseas. However, you cannot bet on it. Your US health insurance or Medicare may not cover you outside of US. It is recommend that you should check your policy to verify such coverage.
  • If you believe Medicare covers your cost of healthcare overseas while you are traveling abroad, you must know that traditional Medicare doesn't offer coverage for the same. Some Medicare supplemental plans may provide selective coverage outside the United States. Check with your insurance policy terms before taking an international trip.
  • A domestic health insurance plan may only cover emergency care overseas. However, you might have to pay an upfront fee if you get into medical trouble overseas and local medical provider doesnt recognize the insurance plan.
  • Adventure sports lovers or missionaries traveling to different parts of the world, includingremote areas, may have high chances of medical and accidental risk and must have a policy that not only covers them for health emergencies but also provide a good coverage for evacuation.

Before you travel or buy US travel insurance plan, it is essential find out what you can expect from your existing insurance plan - if you need medical care while you are enjoying on an international trip to ensure you dont end up ruining your holiday! Always discuss your concerns or doubts with your US travel insurance provider before you buy a plan.

Nevertheless, you can brave any kind of emergency with a US based travel health insurance, which offers you adequate protection and coverage for emergency situations.

How to Buy International Travel Insurance?

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