Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors on Medicare

Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors on Medicare

There's no doubt that traveling as a senior can be an exciting and relaxing time, especially if you are early into retirement. However, any time you are traveling as a senior, it's important to ensure that you are protected finically in the event that you become ill or injured during your trip. 

Unfortunately for Medicare recipients, Medicare doesn't usually cover you when you leave the United States. That doesn't need to prevent you from enjoying a trip abroad. Purchasing travel health insurance will not only provide you with coverage in case of an accident or illness, but it'll also give you peace of mind while you venture somewhere new.

Does Medicare Cover International Travel?

In most travel situations, Medicare won't cover you for healthcare or for medical supplies you get outside of the United States. However, this video explains some ways in which Medicare will cover you. 

For example, Medicare will cover you for domestic travel within the United States.What are considered U.S. boundaries? In addition to all 50 United States, Medicare will also cover you if you're in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, or the Northern Mariana Islands.

Does Medicare Cover You on a Cruise Ship?

For seniors taking cruises, Medicare may cover you if there is a doctor onboard who's allowed to provide medical services under specific laws. 

You can also use Medicare for medical coverage if the ship is within 6 hours of a U.S. port. If the ship happens to be any further away than 6 hours, then Medicare health cover will not cover you. In this instance, travel insurance can help.

How Travel Insurance for Seniors on Medicare Can Help

When you're traveling outside of the country, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you'd be covered in the event of an emergency. If a situation were to arise in which you have to visit a doctor or a hospital and you don't have travel medical insurance, you'd have to pay those bills out of pocket. 

Keep in mind that medical treatment may be more expensive in a foreign county, and healthcare systems can often be confusing to navigate because of any applicable language barrier. A travel medical insurance policy will assist you in finding a doctor or hospital, and will also provide coverage for any financial burden that could be incurred.

For seniors especially, there are a number of additional benefits that travel medical insurance provides:

Medical Evacuation

Emergency evacuation may be required in the event of a catastrophe or emergency, such as a terrorist attack or natural disaster. Under normal circumstances, evacuation can be prohibitively expensive. Including this coverage in your medical insurance policy could help you save money, time, and even your life.

Coverage Against Theft

Unfortunately, senior citizens can be more vulnerable targets for theft, especially if you're traveling to specific spots. Seniors traveling to Mexico, for example, might find themselves in more dangerous situations than if they were to visit Canada, for example. Likewise, senior group travel can often attract negative attention from those wishing to try and steal wallets or passports.In the case of theft, a travel insurance policy can assist you with passport and/or currency replacement.

Protection Against Medical Emergencies

Should an accident or emergency occur while you are traveling abroad, your travel insurance policy will provide adequate coverage for any potential treatment that is required.

The Importance of Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance

When it comes to travel insurance plans, you should know the difference between limited vs. comprehensive plans. Limited coverage plans provide coverage that is predefined for each type of service. In short, this plan has limits.

On the other hand, comprehensive coverage plans offer much better and much more flexible coverage. These plans operate similarly to a PPO-type of health plan, in which the insurance will pay a percentage of the cost after a deductible has been met. Although these plans cost more than a limited coverage plan, they offer better coverage and more protection, so are ideal options for seniors taking trips abroad.

GlobeHopper Senior: Best Travel Insurance For Seniors on Medicare

If you're a senior on Medicare, there is one travel insurance policy that is ideal for you: GlobeHopper Senior. This plan is available for any U.S. citizen or resident, above the age of 65, who's enrolled into Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, and will be traveling anywhere outside of the United States.

One highlight of this plan is that it can provide coverage from 5-365 days, meaning that it's perfect for short trips abroad along with long stints outside of the United States. If, for example, you wanted to live in Costa Rica for a couple months at a time, this plan would provide comprehensive coverage while you're away from the U.S.

Travel Insurance is a Necessity for Seniors Traveling Abroad

When it comes to traveling abroad as a senior, you want to make sure you're prepared for the unexpected in case anything goes wrong. By purchasing travel insurance, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you're covered in the event of an emergency. This way, you can be stress-free and fully savor every moment of your trip, knowing that you're covered.