Health Insurance For Parents Visiting USA: Insurance for Visiting Parents

Having your parents visit you in the USA is a wonderfully rewarding experience, but their health and safety is something to keep in mind. Any form of medical or travel emergency can easily spoil their trip and make it difficult to handle these situations. While you cant necessarily prevent such events from occurring, you can still take necessary precautions to relieve stress, limit financial burden, and ensure proper care is taken.

If your parents are visiting USA, it is recommended that you purchase a proper travel and visitor insurance to ensure adequate coverage for them in the event of medical and travel emergencies. Having a good health insurance for parents makes their travel and stay worry free, giving you peace of mind. Making sure that your parents are protected begins with purchasing a travel insurance policy that best fits their individual needs

CoverAmerica - Gold Insurance, a new comprehensive coverage travel medical insurance policy, provides hand-picked benefits such as 100% coverage after the deductible, $30 urgent care consultations, coverage for emergency dental treatment and eye exams and acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage, which makes the plan idea for elderly travelers, especially parents, coming from the India, Indian sub-continent and Asia.

Commonly asked questions about health insurance for parents visiting USA

Q. What kind of insurance you should look for parents visiting USA?

If you can afford, purchase a comprehensive insurance for your parents visiting USA. As its name suggests, a comprehensive visitor health insurance plan provides higher coverage and have many benefits compared to a limited coverage policy.

Q. Should I include both parents in a single application or purchase different insurance plans for each of them?

If both parents are visiting USA, it is recommended that you buy separate policies for them, instead of combining them into one single policy. Though you would not get any cost benefits or price difference if you buy two separate policies, you can surely have better control if either of them has to leave early or if you want to cancel one person's policy.

Q. How much policy maximum should I pick for parent's visitor insurance?

The higher the policy maximum, the better it is, depending on their length of stay, age, and activities.
$100,000 policy maximum is most preferred.
If they are over 70 years of age, not many policies offer coverage for over $50,000, except a few that may provide coverage of 60,000, 100,000, or even $250,000.For people aged 80 years, there are several restrictions on policy maximum and coverage amount. View travel medical insurance plans for over 70 years.

Q. Can I purchase insurance for my visiting parents ?

Yes, you can complete the application on behalf of your parents and make the payment using your credit card.

Q. My parents do not have insurance, would I be liable for my parent's medical bills ?

If you have signed any sponsorship document, or signed as guarantor you may be liable for their medical bills. Consult a subject matter expert legal advisor to get a proper advice on this topic.

Q. My parents plan to stay at home most of the time, what kind of insurance I should look for ?

There is health and accidental risk everywhere, irrespective of the location. You may pick a less policy maximum and/or higher policy deductible for a travel medical insurance policy if you would like to protect yourself from any unexpected medical emergencies.

Q. My parents will be traveling around what kind of insurance I can look for?

It is recommended to buy a comprehensive coverage policy with higher policy maximum.

Q. I have more questions and need advice for selecting the policy and coverage for my parents.

Visitors Coverage specializes in providing health insurance for parents visiting USA. Our licensed and knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions. To contact VisitorsCoverage, write an email to

Fast Facts

Most comprehensive plans have PPO providers network.

Since US based travel insurance are widely accepted in most hospitals, it becomes eaiser to deal with claims.

US based polices are regulated by US Department of Insurance

Did You Know?

Since US based travel insurance are widely accepted in most hospitals, it becomes easier to deal with claims.

Price Guarantee

The cost of insurance is regulated by Department of Insurance. You cannot find the same plan at a different price on other sites.

Tips for Parents Traveling Abroad

1. Get a physical checkup done before traveling abroad.

2. Bring enough medicines for the entire trip duration.

3. Pack Self monitoring medical tools.

Tips for Parents Visiting USA


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