Which Doctor or Hospital Can I Visit With Visitors Insurance?

Which Doctor or Hospital Can I Visit With Visitors Insurance?

Once you secure a visitors insurance policy for your trip to the United States, it’s important to understand how to find hospitals or doctors that you can visit under your plan. This will be helpful in the event that you need to seek medical care during your travels, and want to use your travel insurance plan. Let’s explore which doctors and hospitals can be visited for those who are traveling to the United States with a visitors health insurance policy.

Does Visitors Insurance Cover Doctor Visits?

Depending on the reason for your visit, your doctor visit may be covered by your travel medical insurance plan. Typically, most visitors insurance plan’s will offer coverage for doctor’s visits if it is for an eligible new illness or injury that occurs during your travels. However, it is important to read through your plan’s coverage details to understand any exclusions and limitations.

Does Visitors Insurance Cover Hospitalization?

Most visitor insurance plans do offer coverage for hospitalization if it is for a new illness or injury that occurs during your travels. However, it is important to note that hospitalization coverage is only for eligible new illnesses and injuries which have occurred after the start date of your travel medical insurance policy, and for which an authorized physician writes off that hospitalization is necessary.

Which Doctors or Hospitals Can I Visit?

When deciding which doctor or hospital to visit, you should first look at your plan’s details to understand if you have a comprehensive travel insurance plan or a limited plan. The type of plan that you have will determine whether or not you should look for doctors or hospitals within the plan’s PPO network, or if you can visit any doctor or hospital you choose.

Comprehensive Visitors Insurance Plan - PPO Network

With a comprehensive visitors insurance plan, the doctors and hospitals in which you will receive the most coverage are within the visitors insurance PPO network. This gives you a wide range of hospitals and doctors to choose from for care, and you’ll have the advantage of a preferred negotiated rate that’s contracted upon by the healthcare provider and the insurance company.

You can also choose to go to any doctor or hospital of your choice, even if they aren’t within your insurance plan’s PPO network. In this instance, your insurance may pay a lower percentage of total eligible expenses and your medical bills could be higher in the absence of a preferred rate that a PPO network provider offers.

Limited Visitors Insurance Plan - Any Doctor or Hospital

With a limited coverage plan, you can choose to visit any doctor or hospital of your liking. Limited plans do not typically have PPO networks and only pay a fixed amount per doctor’s visit or hospital visit.

Understanding Visitors Insurance PPO Networks

A PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization, is a network of healthcare providers, including doctors and hospitals, that have agreed to offer services at a discounted rate to insurance plan members. PPO networks provide flexibility and cost savings for those covered by the insurance.

In Network vs. Out of Network

In network insurance refers to using healthcare providers that are part of the insurance plan's network. Out of network insurance involves seeking medical services from providers outside the insurance plan's network.

PPO Network Providers

Visitors insurance PPO networks include a roster of healthcare providers, and understanding the list of PPO network providers is crucial. Check the availability of preferred doctors and hospitals in your travel destination.

Searching for Providers in PPO Networks

If you're looking for a provider in your plan’s PPO network, follow these easy steps:

  • Find your visitor insurance plan listed on our Visitors Insurance Provider Directory page 
  • Click the PPO Network and Providers link for your specific plan 
  •  Click the View Providers in the USA button 
  •  Search for providers in your area view the PPO network’s website

If you are unable to locate a doctor or hospital in your area within your plan’s PPO network, you can simply visit any doctor or hospital, but will likely need to pay for your bills upfront. Not to worry - you can file a claim to reimburse eligible expenses after your visit.

How Payment Works at the Doctor or Hospital

How you pay during your visit to the hospital or doctor will depend upon a number of factors. Typically, it is the choice of the hospital or doctor you are visiting whether they want to collect payment from you upfront, or opt for direct billing.

What is Direct Billing?

Direct billing occurs when the healthcare provider bills the insurance company directly for your visit, rather than requiring the insured to pay upfront and out-of-pocket. Most doctors and hospitals within your insurance’s PPO network will offer direct billing. However, it’s important to be prepared and to understand that direct billing may not always be an option.

Additionally, make sure to note that even if your doctor or hospital offers direct billing, this doesn’t change whether or not your insurance will approve or deny your claim for eligible expenses, and you still need to file a claim with your visitors insurance company regardless. You will also still be responsible for any other terms of your policy including any deductibles or coinsurance.

How Out-of-Pocket Payment Works

If you paid upfront for your doctor or hospital visit, make sure to ask for an itemized bill of your visit, save any payment receipts and financial records of the transaction, and keep any doctor’s notes or prescriptions. You will need this information when you submit your claim to your insurance company, which will help you get reimbursed for any eligible costs.

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