Comprehensive Travel Insurance: An Overview

Comprehensive Travel Insurance: An Overview

Choosing the best comprehensive travel insurance can be tricky because there are so many options available for overseas and domestic travel. When you compare comprehensive travel insurance, you'll want one that gives you peace of mind, even when you're far from home. But how do you choose a comprehensive travel health insurance plan?

It's important to choose travel coverage that fits the nature and destination of the journey, and provides peace of mind for those venturing outside their hometowns. 

Let's take a look at comprehensive travel insurance, what it covers and when visitors should opt for this more extensive type of travel insurance plan. 

Deciding on comprehensive medical travel insurance starts with understanding what it is, who it's for, and why you should get it.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance: The Basics

What does comprehensive travel insurance mean? How does comprehensive travel compare to limited? When do you need travel insurance that's comprehensive and when will limited do? Let's get it sorted out.

  • What is comprehensive travel insurance? Comprehensive travel insurance includes acute onset of pre-existing conditionstrip cancellationemergency medical evacuationtrip delay, and accident and dismemberment insurance. If the insured traveler incurs an illness or injury, they can get the care they need, even while far away from home.
  • How does comprehensive travel insurance work? Insured travelers receive their travel coverage ID card or policy confirmation letter ahead of their policy effective date, before they depart for their trip. If the unexpected happens, the insured traveler can get quality medical care, and the insurance covers expenses after the deductible is reached. Learn more about how travel insurance plans work.
  • How does comprehensive travel insurance compare to limited travel insurance? In a nutshell, comprehensive coverage provides short-term travel medical insurance for travelers taking international trips. Your domestic healthcare or life insurance doesn't usually cover people when they travel outside of their home country. While limited insurance offers some protections, it may result in higher out-of-pocket costs should a medical event occur.

These types of travel assistance policies are not the same as trip insurance, though. While some policies include bundled coverage that encompass travel medical insurance alongside insurance for trip cancellation, baggage and personal items, not all policies have these related travel coverage options. Travelers should consult the details of their policy. 

Many insurance companies offer different levels of coverage, including comprehensive and limited coverage plans. Comprehensive travel insurance comparison sites like VisitorsCoverage can help you decide whether you need comprehensive or limited coverage. Generally, if you're a senior citizen, expecting to engage in rigorous activity, or have a greater need for health insurance, you'll want comprehensive coverage. 

A comprehensive plan comes at a higher price, but is much more flexible and expansive. Where a limited plan provides coverage according to predefined cost limits, a comprehensive policy can cover 80 -100% of the cost once the insured pays their one-time deductible.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Benefits

Compared to other options, comprehensive travel insurance plans can provide insured travelers with advantages like:

  • More robust travel medical coverage includes acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions, and medical emergencies.
  • A simplified process since many comprehensive travel plans function just like regular PPO insurance. Policies with a PPO network may be accepted at more health service locations and offer better discounted rates.
  • Options for bundled coverage that includes not only travel medical but also related trip insurance. This can extend to situations like delayed or missing baggage or trip cancellation.

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