Navigating the choices when it comes to travel insurance can be a bit difficult. There are several different types of insurance available for those taking trips, including policies specifically for overseas visitors, plans that cover trip arrangements and options for travel medical insurance.

Its important to choose travel coverage that fits the nature and destination of the journey, and provides peace of mind for those venturing outside their home towns.

Today, were taking a look at comprehensive travel insurance, including what it can offer travelers, what it covers and when visitors should opt for this more extensive type of travel insurance plan.

Comprehensive travel insurance: The basics

First things first, lets define what is included in a comprehensive travel insurance plan and why it is best for certain travelers.

  • Who does it cover: Comprehensive travel insurance can support foreign visitors taking a trip to the U.S., Canada or Mexico, as well as non-U.S. citizens visiting other international destinations. However, policies from certain insurance companies may have coverage stipulations. For instance, the CoverAmerica Gold comprehensive travel coverage plan does not cover residents of the U.S., Virgin Islands, Nigeria or other areas, and is not available for countries including Iran, Cuba, Sierra Leone, Syria and other nations. Travelers should thoroughly check the details of their travel coverage before purchasing a plan to ensure it will provide the right travel assistance.
  • Who does it cover: Policies differ depending on the provider and underwriter. Overall, though, comprehensive travel coverage encompasses travel medical insurance, and most policies include the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. In this way, should the insured traveler experience an illness, accident, injury or other unexpected medical emergency, he or she can obtain the care they need, even while traveling away from home.
  • How does it work: Insured travelers receive their travel coverage ID card ahead of their policy effective date, before they depart for their trip. If unexpected events take place during travel and the policyholder needs emergency medical assistance or has to see a doctor, he or she can visit a local physician's office or hospital, pay the policy deductible, and the insurance provider will cover expenses after the deductible is reached. Check out this page to learn more about how travel insurance plans work .

Comparison: Comprehensive vs. trip insurance and limited coverage

In a nutshell, comprehensive travel insurance provides short-term travel medical insurance for travelers taking international trips. Regular health or life insurance often doesnt cover people when they travel outside of their home country. A comprehensive travel insurance plan can provide peace of mind and ensure that insured travelers can get the emergency medical or other health services they need without having to pay large out-of-pocket costs.

These types of travel assistance policies are not the same as trip insurance, though. While some policies include bundled coverage that encompasses travel medical insurance alongside insurance for trip cancellation, baggage and personal items, not all policies have these related travel coverage options. Travelers should consult the details of their policy.

Many insurance agencies will offer different levels of coverage, including comprehensive and limited coverage plans. While limited coverage options may appear attractive with a lower cost and basic travel medical insurance, the terms and conditions of these plans reveal that they may not be adequate.

A comprehensive plan, on the other hand, comes with a bit of a higher cost, but is much more flexible and all-encompassing in terms of coverage. Where a limited plan may only provide coverage according to predefined cost limits, a comprehensive policy typically supports 80100% of the cost, deferred to the insurance agency, once the policyholder pays their one-time deductible.

Benefits of comprehensive travel coverage

Compared to other options, comprehensive travel insurance plans can provide insured travelers with advantages like:

  • More robust travel medical insurance coverage including for the acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions, unexpected medical emergencies, urgent care services and more, depending on the plan and insurance agency provider.
  • Simper to use, as many plans function just like a regular PPO insurance plan. Policies with a PPO network may also be accepted at more health service locations and offer better discounted rates.
  • Options for bundled coverage, that includes not only travel medical, but related travel coverage. This can extend to situations like travelers personal items are delayed, or if trip cancellation is necessary.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan may include a higher premium, but offers improved coverage and flexibility compared to other options.

To find out more about options for comprehensive travel insurance , check out our website and connect with our support team at VisitorsCoverage today.