Buying Travel Medical Insurance for the U.S.? Consider These Eight Factors

Buying Travel Medical Insurance for the U.S.? Consider These Eight Factors

Traveling to the U.S. can be a wonderful experience, but it's also important to ensure that you're safe and protected along the way. So, when planning your trip, an adequate travel medical insurance plan should be at the top of your packing list. Let's take a look at what to look for when buying travel insurance.

Factors for Purchasing Travel Insurance

Here are some key factors you should think about while shopping for international health medical insurance for travelers visiting the U.S.:

1. Coverage and type of plan

Before going ahead with a U.S. travel insurance plan, read the fine print. It's important to know whether it's a fixed coverage plan or a comprehensive travel insurance coverage plan and which will serve your needs better. A comprehensive plan provides better coverage and flexible options. Learn more about the differences between comprehensive and limited coverage plans here: types of travel insurance.

2. Provider network

Most travel insurance plans for the U.S. have a list of medical service providers online. Providers networks (or PPO networks) list doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers associated with your U.S. travel insurance company. Search and try to find out if there are any hospital/services listed close to your home. More popular plans will often have a better coverage network of providers.

3. When to buy travel insurance

Ideally, you want to buy travel insurance at the same time you book your flights and reserve your hotel stays. That way you won't forget and have time to make updates if you need to. Find out whether your particular plan/policy can be extended or renewed before it expires and how that impacts your coverage. If you extend or renew your plan before it expires, it shouldn't be treated as a new policy.

If you've purchased an extendable or renewable plan, the medical condition that occurred during your initial policy period won't be considered a pre-existing condition, whereas if you purchase an entirely new policy, it will be considered a pre-existing condition. There's no extra cost to add this benefit, so it's a good idea to purchase a policy that can be renewed. When you buy travel insurance early, you have time to do your research and ensure that you get the coverage you need.

4. Cost

Plan costs usually depend on the traveler's age, coverage amount, limit, and type of plan. Make sure you have coverage against all kinds of uncertain risks. Though some people prefer to take the risk of buying a low-cost plan, they often have to pay more later.

5. Extra travel-related coverage

Some travel insurance polices for the U.S. in particular offer comprehensive travel insurance, which will include protections against other travel-related issues, such as baggage loss and transit-related emergencies.

6. Plan popularity

The popularity of a plan can't tell you if the coverage will be right for you. However, knowing that fellow travelers relied on the same plan may give you an indication that it might be the right fit for you.

7. Insurance provider online reviews

Reading traveler reviews of the plans you're considering is a great way to find coverage that works for you. When someone leaves a review, it means they feel strongly about the product. Whether they had a great experience or a not-so-great experience, their reviews can give you important information to make your choice easier.

8. How to buy travel insurance

The last key factor to consider is how to buy travel insurance. It's important to consider the quality of the site you're using to purchase the plan. You don't have to purchase insurance directly from the provider site. There are third-party comparison sites, like VisitorsCoverage, that you can go through. The benefit of going through a comparison site is that you can do your research, compare travel insurance, get impartial advice and buy your travel insurance on the same site.

There are few things more exciting than traveling abroad, but you definitely want to make sure you're covered before you leave on your home country. Buy international travel insurance for the U.S. and give yourself peace of mind. As you prepare for your international trip , we can help you choose travel insurance that will keep you covered for every adventure.